ideas in dreams

Ideas brought by dreams

-Young woman receives a message with William Shatner singing about meeting on the sands in Malibu and a duet with Leonard Nemoy about lighting a candle at St. Louis (at the end of the duet the video shows Willian asking Leonard what he’s been up to, Leonard says tinkering around and takes off in a flying car)
Former secret agent helps the young woman figure out the clues and escape from his former employer.

-Alien species taked control of a large manufactoring plant. Young man tries to avoid getting caught by the people (and dogs) he knew but are now fakes.

-Young woman chasing something people reported seeing at night evenyually finds out her friend tried to hide him turning into a dragon at night.

-Young man who can’t die as punishment ends up in front of a small brick church. A sphere with a blue liquid core floats around him. He finally manages to catch it at the back of his head and realises it’s a poison for the people gathered inside the church who want to commit mass suicide there.

-Wolf turns into young man. After discovery by a coach he gets a career in sports. Gets challenge from a rival, shows off with his prize dogs but the sibling wolves pay a surprise visit to the event.


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