Daily life with furry girls 01

*These original chapters of Dialy Life with Furry Girls have been rewritten and are published and updated now on Patreon, Smashwords and Amazon.


Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Music on, something to drink, the green cursor waiting inside the text editor for the start of a night of writing. Guy sat back with the laptop on his knees and got ready to write down his thoughts when he heard knocking on his door.
“Blast.” he thought.
Another knock.
‘Hai, hai.’ he said, stood up and walked to the door.
Before he reached it it opened and in walked a white feline anthro. ‘How rude to keep me waiting when I’m expected.’
Surprised he watched her looking around.
‘And what is this place? It’s so small.’
‘Excuse me.’
‘Ah. My luggage’s at the door. Be careful with it.’ she said and passed him into the room. ‘Don’t tell me this is all.’
He turned back. ‘Excuse me.’
‘Yes, yes.’ she said and waved him off. ‘You’re excused.’
‘Hold it!’
She looked back at him just as she examined the couch.
‘Who are you? And what are you doing here?’
‘Silly. I’m Feli, the special envoy here on cultural exchange.’
‘Gomen, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.’
‘The cultural exchange between humans and felines. You have been chosen to host the representative from our people, which is me.’
He pinched the bridge of his nose. ‘There must be a misunderstanding. I’ve never heard about this.’
She pulled out a letter. ‘This is the official confirmation of the exchange.’
He took it and read it. ‘It’s all here, this is the address but the name’s not right. Okayado is not my name and it’s not even the name of the previous tennant.’
‘What do you mean?’
The address they sent you must be wrong.
‘Are you sure?’
He nodded. If I had participated in any of this I would have remembered it, even if I had been drunk.’
‘So, I’m not supposed to be here?’
‘Looks like it.’
For a moment she gathered her thoughts, then she walked back to the door. ‘Gomen, it was not my intention to disturb you.’
‘It’s okay.’
She took her luggage. ‘Thank you for your patience.’ she said and walked down the stairs back to the street.
‘No problem.’ he said as he watched her leave, then closed the door and walked back to the couch to sit down and get back to writing.
What happened felt so weird dreamlike that he couldn’t gather his ideas in his head to write down. Instead he got up again and made himself a big sandwich. He put the plate on the small table next to the couch and then realised it had started pouring down outside. He enjoyed the sound of rain and opened the door to the small balcony and leaned outside to feel the raindrops on his face.
The streets were quiet and all he heard was rainwater flowing down pipes and the drainage down the street. He took a deep breath of the refreshing air, then heard a sneeze. Leaning out further he looked left and right down the street and saw Feli hiding from the rain under a shade from a store. She looked cold with her arms wrapped around her and he could see the shade didn’t shield her much from the downpour.
‘Maybe I’ll get a story out of it.’ he said to himself, walked to the door for his shoes and umbrella, then went out to Feli.
‘Hey.’ he said as he found her still at the same spot.
‘You have no place to go?’
She shook her head. ‘I would only meet the agent in charge of the exchange tomorrow. I have no contact info with me.’
‘Right then.’ he said and picked up her luggage.
‘Wait, what are you doing?’
‘You’re staying at my place tonight.’
‘You want to spend the night getting even wetter here?’
‘But, I wasn’t really nice to you.’
‘Forget about it.’ he said and hooked her arm in his and pulled her along. ‘Let’s just get you home and dry and tomorrow we can sort things out, find out where you were really supposed to go.’
Back upstairs he gave her a big towel and pointed her to the shower. ‘Get the cold water out of your fur before you catch a cold.’
‘Arigato.’ she whispered as she went into the bathroom and he stashed away her wet luggage.
She let the hot water run through her fur until she felt herself warm up again.
He knocked once on the shower door. ‘Since all your luggage is wet I put your clothes in the dryer and I’ve left a large sweater out here for you.’
‘Arigato.’ she said rinsing out her tail.
While he was looking for something warm to drink he heard her get out of the shower.
‘Feel better now?’
‘Much. Thank you.’
‘Would you like some tea or warm milk or something to-‘ he asked turning around.
She saw him looking speechless at her. ‘Something wrong?’
He shook his head. ‘No, gomen. You look real good.’
He saw her shocked expression and realised what he had said. ‘Gomen! I meant you look better now that you’ve gotten dry
again!’ He turned back to the kitchen counter. ‘So what would you like to drink?’
Her stomach rumbled a little at that moment. ‘Or maybe you’d like something to eat as well?’
She looked away. ‘I don’t want to cause any trouble.’
‘No trouble. I made myself a sandwich just before I saw you outside. Would you like one? I’ve got cheese, beef, lettuce and tomatoes on mine.’
‘Yes please.’
‘Have a seat, it’ll be right there.’
She sat down in one corner of the couch looking around the room again. This time she felt more appreciation to be here.
He handed her her plate. ‘Oh yeah, what do you want to drink?’
‘Warm milk please.’
‘Okay.’ he said and returned to the counter.
He sat down to start on his own sandwich after setting down the glasses. ‘What’s this exchange anyway?’
‘It’s meant to get to know each other better since there’s only been high level contact between our species. If there’s anything that clashes between our cultures it’s better to find out first before we start mingling any further.’
He nodded. ‘I see. So how did you end up here?’
‘I was top of my class and I was curious.’
‘But then you ended up at my place unfortunately.’
‘It’s really not bad!’
He laughed. ‘No worries. You belong at a more appropriate place than here. All I’ve got here are books, movies and my work.’
‘What do you do?’
‘Writing. I write short stories for a weekly scifi and fantasy magazine while I work on my novels.’
‘You’re famous?’
He laughed again. ‘Then I’d live in a better place.’
‘I make enough to get by and keep having fun. I don’t mind.’
She yawned.
‘I only have one large futon, so if you don’t mind sharing?’
She shook her head. ‘I don’t want to bother you any further.’
‘You’re no bother. In fact, I enjoy this opportunity to have met you. Seems not many people get it.’
He laid out the futon in the room after putting away the dishes. She curled up with an extra pillow while he turned off the light.
‘Sleep well Feli.’
‘You too.’

Finding her next to him was the proof that he hadn’t dreamed the whole thing last night. He got up and told himself to write something about this for next week’s short story.
The weather was nice so he opened the balcony door to let fresh air in. Outside were just a few people and he enjoyed the quiet street.
‘Nice.’ Feli said as she came up next to him.
He nodded.
They watched shopkeepers open their stores and others get ready to go to work.
‘I’ve got to get more things for breakfast, why don’t you come with me? I can give you a short tour of this street.’
‘You wouldn’t mind? People here probably never have met someone like me in real life.’
‘I don’t. It’ll let me be the first to introduce you to life here.’
‘Then please.’

A little later they walked down the street and entered a convenience store.
‘Uncle!’ he called out as the store was empty. ‘My uncle and aunt own this store and occasionally I help out when they’re shorthanded.’
‘Guy! You’re up early. What have you-‘ His uncle said as he came out the back and then saw Feli.
‘Let me introduce you, this is Feli. She’s-‘
‘Honey! Come here!’ His uncle called out to the back before Guy could continue. ‘Come meet Guy’s girlfriend!’
‘Wait!’ Guy said. ‘I didn’t say-‘
‘Oh dear!’ His aunt said as she saw Feli. ‘I had never expected this, but she sure is beautiful.’
‘Thank you.’ Feli said. ‘But I’m-‘
‘Would you like some tea or something else to drink?’ she asked and took her hand. ‘Come sit down with us. This is the first time he’s come over with a girl.’
‘Auntie, she’s not-‘ Guy started and then his uncle slapped his shoulder.
‘Come, tell us how you met her, and how the hell you managed to hook up with her.’
Guy looked helplessly at Feli while they were led to the back and she giggled.

Eventually Guy managed to explain that she was not his girlfriend and why she was here.
‘Oh dear.’ his aunt said. ‘I’m so embarrassed.’
‘Don’t be.’ Feli said. ‘It was an honest mistake.’
‘Yeah, I’m the one to be embarrassed here.’ Guy said.
‘Why would you?’ his uncled asked. ‘She’s quite the catch.’
‘That’s not what I meant. I meant for her to end up with me would be embarrassing for her.’
‘Don’t worry.’ his aunt said. ‘Once she gets to know you it’ll be fine.’
‘No, I-‘ he started and then decided to give up while Feli surpressed her laughter.

After Guy had collected the things he needed they said goodbye at the door.
‘You’re thinking of staying here?’ his aunt whispered to Feli.
‘Eh? Why? I’m supposed to be at another house.’
She smiled. ‘I’ve seen the look in your eyes. It’s the same for human girls.’
‘Wait, I haven’t even thought of that. I’m only here to observe your culture.’
‘What beter way to experience the life here?’ she said and nudged her closer to Guy. ‘Enjoy it to the fullest.’
Before she could say anything back his aunt and uncle waved and went back to work.

‘Sorry about that.’ Guy said on the way back to his place.
‘It’s okay. I like your aunt and uncle.’
‘I hope she didn’t say anything further embarrassing things to you just now.’
Feli looked a little away. ‘No, it was nothing.’

After breakfast Guy called a few numbers and found the department who was responsible for the exchange.
‘They’re sending an agent over to fix the situation.’
She nodded.
‘It’ll be some time so what would you like to do in the meantime?’
‘I don’t know?’
He thought for a moment. ‘The weather’s good. How about going to the park at the end of the street? On days like these I like to go there and write.’
On the way there Guy noticed the looks on some of the faces. ‘It really is special to have you here. Apart from the media nobody has met anybody from your species in real life.’
‘I guess it would be the same for us when a human walks down our street.’
‘I’d better not botch up the time with you, otherwise I could cause an international incident.’
‘Yeah, you’d better be on your best behavior and make sure to keep me satisfied, otherwise I’ll have to report you and then you’ll get in so much trouble.’
He clamped his head and moaned. ‘The pressure! The pressure! I can’t take it anymore!’
She laughed as they entered the park and he led her to a spot near the pond. He had brought a sheet to sit on and they watched the ducks swim with their brood and the few people who walked by.
‘It sure is nice and peaceful here.’ she said.
‘Yep. Often I spend a whole day here with a good book. You probably have places like that too.’
‘We do, but I never took the time. I was always studying.’
‘I see. In that case, wait here for a moment.’ he said and walked away.
When he came back he handed her an icecream cone.
‘Not sure which flavour would suit you so I chose vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Those are most popular.’
She looked at it, then at him eating his. ‘You can eat this?’
He nodded. ‘Very important ingredient on summer days.’
She sniffed it, then licked the ice carefully. ‘Cold!’
He snickered. ‘That’s the point.’
She tried every flavour and he heard her approve them all.
‘I can hear you really like this.’
‘You do?’
‘Well, I expect that your purring means you’re enjoying it.’
She looked down. ‘I-, you’re not supposed to listen to that!’ she said and pushed him.
He laughed out loud and she pounced him. ‘Stop that!’
She playfully punched him until she noticed a little girl looking at her.
They looked at her as she fiddled with her dress.
‘Hi there.’ Feli said.
‘Hi.’ the girl said.
‘Are you looking for something?’
‘Can I pet you?’
‘You want to, pet me?’
She nodded.
Feli looked at Guy who shrugged his shoulders. ‘I guess it can be expected of kids who don’t yet know any better. If you want to I can handle it.’
She shook her head. ‘No, it’s okay.’ she said and sat down in front of the girl. ‘Go ahead then.’
Carefully the girl touched her head and stroked it.
‘Soft.’ she said and Feli smiled.
The girl’s mother hurried to them. ‘I’m so sorry! I lost sight of her for a moment and she’s just really fond of pets.’
She held her hand in front of her mouth. ‘I mean, not that you’re a, I’m so sorry.’
Feli smiled. ‘It’s no problem. She’s a sweet kid and I can imagine how I look to her.’
‘Come.’ The mother said to her daughter. ‘We have to go home now. Daddy will come home soon and we’re going to granny.’
She looked up. ‘Okay.’ Then she looked back at Feli. ‘Bye kitty.’
‘Bye, little one.’ Feli said and waved a little as they walked away.
‘Yeah, cute kid.’
‘Well, I was actually talking of you.’
Feli looked at him in surprise. ‘What? Me?’
‘Yep. The way you let her pet you.’ he said and smiled. ‘Cute kitty indeed.’
‘No way!’ she said and punched him again as he laughed.
A cough made them both look back at a woman dressed in a black suit. ‘Excuse me, you must be Feli.’
‘Yes? Are you from the exchange department?’
She nodded. ‘We found the note on the door saying we could find you here. And you must be Guy. I’m Thesa, agent assigned to Feli.’
He stood up and helped Feli up. ‘Yes. Nice to meet you.’
‘My apologies for the mixup with the adresses. Someone made a typo on the contact information sheet.’
‘No harm done. We had fun, right?’
Feli nodded. ‘I think it was good start on my stay here.’
‘In that case, it would make things easier right now.’
‘How so?’ Guy asked.
‘Unfortunately, the family Feli would stay with had an accident last night. A kitchen fire burned their house down.’
‘Are they okay?’
She nodded. ‘But that would also mean having to find a new address for Feli to stay, and that would take some time.’
‘I see.’ he said to Feli.
‘So, if you don’t mind. You will be compensated of course.’
‘I will, what? You mean you’re asking me to let her stay at my place?’
She nodded again. ‘For the time being.’
Feli looked at him. ‘It’s really up to you.’ he said to her. ‘I don’t know if you can stand staying at this small apartment of mine. Not much room for two.’
‘I don’t mind if you won’t. I already like it here.’
‘Room won’t be a problem.’ Thesa said and turned around to make a phonecall.
Guy gathered their things to go home.
‘Everything’s settled. Let’s go and take care of the formalities.’

When they got back Guy heard a lot of noise coming from his apartment and found the door open. Just as he wanted to enter to see what was going on a construction worker came out.
‘All done, boss.’
‘Very well, thank you.’ Thesa said and walked in.
Guy and Feli followed her and saw the wall to the next apartment had been torn out. They looked at the other side and
found the rest of Feli’s belongings there.
‘Plenty of room now.’ Thesa said.
‘Wow. That was quick.’ Guy said.
‘Now, since this exchange is an important matter, I don’t have to remind you that we expect perfect behavior from you. If you in any way try to take advantage of her I will come down on you like a ton of rocks.’
He held up his hands. ‘I won’t! She’d probably shred me to pieces if I dared anyway.’
‘I trust him.’ Feli said. ‘He’s been a real gentleman.’
‘Those are the worst.’ Thesa said looking at him. ‘Anyway, I’d like you to take care of the program we created and show her the places we listed. These include historical sites, musea, festivals.’
Guy read quickly through the list handed to him. ‘That’s quite a lot.’
‘Yes, but you can take your time with them. There are special passes which allow you access any time you want.’ She turned to Feli. ‘Now, do you have what you need?’
‘Yes.’ she said, looking at the room and Guy. ‘I think I’ll manage.’
‘Very well then. I’ll keep in touch so if there’s anything else let me know. Enjoy your stay here.’
Guy walked her out and dropped on the couch when he got back. ‘Wow. This is quite something.’
She looked around the new room again. ‘You won’t regret this?’
He smiled. ‘No way. Things have gotten really interesting now. As long as you can stand having me around I think we’ll have plenty of fun. I’ve been thinking of using this as inspiration for my stories, but maybe I should start an online diary of sorts.’
‘Could I write too?’
‘Of course. I think plenty of people would like to know how this exchange works out.’
‘Okay then. Let’s do it.’
He created accounts for them on a website and they both wrote about their first day.
‘Now we’ll just have to see how it goes.’ Guy said and looked at the list. ‘I see they included movies. Unfortunately most are pretty dry stuff, but then I think I’ve got better ones to show you. Movies that are actually fun to watch. I suggest we end the day with that seeing it’s already this late.’
She agreed and he let her sniff through his collection while he started on dinner. She ended up with a light comedy and they settled down on the couch with their food while watching it.
After the movie he laid down her futon in the new room.
‘Sleep well.’ he said across the room as they got in for the night.
‘Good night.’
He couldn’t fall asleep right away, thinking of how his life changed so much now.
He turned over and saw her on her knees next to his futon. ‘Feli? What’s wrong?’
‘I can’t get used to the room just yet. Mind if I sleep next to you?’
‘No, come on in if that feels better.’
She crawled under his futon and closed her eyes. ‘Good night.’
‘Good night Feli.’
He heard her breath slow down soon and knew she had fallen asleep. After that it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep as well.
The next morning he woke up feeling something heavy on his chest. He blinked his eyes to get the fuzzy blur out of his sight but it was still there. And now it growled.
‘Wake up human.’
He tried to focus again and this time he recognised the blur as a canine with black thick fur. ‘What’s going on?’
‘That’s my line.’
‘What indeed.’
He closed his eyes again. ‘Wait, start anew. Who are you and why are you here?’
‘I’m asking the questions here. Who are you and why are you here?’
‘I live here!’
Guy realised only now that Feli had crawled against him in her sleep. ‘You know her?’
‘Yeah, she’s the daughter of the Hound family. We were in class together. Why are you here?’
‘I heard you came on the same exchange program as I did. Then when I heard you went missing I looked for you until I heard you were seen in this area. I search around, caught your scent and followed it to find you in the clutches of this human. Did he hurt you?’
‘What? No!’
‘He didn’t abuse you?’
‘I figured he must’ve done something because you never got close to any boy or man.’
Now she noticed she had crawled up to him in her sleep and was still holding him tight. ‘Oh!’ She looked at Guy. ‘I’m sorry.’
He smiled. ‘No problem at all. It’s nice to feel your soft, warm fur.’
‘Hey, don’t get all over her.’ Cani said.
‘How could I, when you’re all over me?’
‘Ah. Right.’
‘Look at you.’ Feli said. ‘You’re a mess.’
‘Ah.’ Her fur was filthy from running all over town.
‘Shower’s that way.’ said Guy and pointed to the bathroom.
Cani looked that way. ‘Ah.’
When she didn’t move from his chest he looked at Feli.
‘She’s always hated baths. Going into water was never her strong point.’
‘Well, it’s a shower, so that should be less of a problem.’
‘I still think we need to help her.’
At that moment Cani tried to run off but Feli grabbed onto her. ‘Quick! Grab her!’
Guy rolled over and grabbed her arms. Cani struggled but together they managed to move her to the shower. There she tripped him and Guy ended up on the floor with her in his arms.
‘No! Let go!’
He reached out, took the showerhead and turned on the water on themselves.
‘Hold her.’ Feli said as she undressed Cani.
She still struggled but a lot less now so Feli had little trouble getting her out of her dirty clothes.
‘Can you get her ready? I’m going to get the shampoo.’
‘Yeah.’ he said as he held Cani with his legs and washed her head and back.
‘You’re so mean..’
‘Sorry. But we can’t have you running around like some dirty mongrel. You’re much too pretty for that.’
For a moment her ears pricked up, then went flat again. ‘Don’t make fun of me.’
‘I’m serious. You’re a pretty colour.’
She sighed and he felt her relax a little more. ‘Okay then.’
‘I got the shampoo.’ Feli said and sat down in front of Cani and looked at her. ‘What did you say to her?’
‘Why?’ asked Guy while he continued washing her back without having to keep her trapped in his legs.
‘Nothing.’ said Cani. ‘Let’s just get this over with.’
Feli took the showerhead while Guy shampood Cani’s back. ‘This isn’t so bad right now, is it?’
She slowly shook her head but kept her ears flat.
‘I’m ready.’ Guy said and leaned sideways to look at Feli. ‘Woww.’ he said when he saw her wet body and leaned back.
‘What’s wrong?’ Feli asked.
‘Nothing. Nothing at all. But maybe it’s better if I left the rest up to you.’
Cani turned back to him. ‘Hey, you started this, so you finish it too.’
He saw Cani’s soaped shape and quickly looked away. ‘It’s not that I wouldn’t want to, but it’s not a custom here for men and women to wash each other when they’re not, intimately involved.’
‘But you did.’ Cani said.
‘This is an exception. You wouldn’t have gotten in here if I didn’t help.’
‘Why would you have to be intimate?’ Feli asked.
‘Because for a man beautiful curves are stimulating.’
‘Stimulating?’ Cani asked.
‘Did you by any chance go to a conservative all girls school?’
‘You didn’t learn what happens when a man is attracted to a woman? What we refer to as the bees and flowers?’
Then it dawned on Feli. ‘Oh. Ohhh.’
‘Indeed. So it’s better I get out now.’
‘No.’ said Cani. ‘You still have to finish my back. Otherwise I won’t forgive you.’
‘No buts.’ she pouted.
‘I guess I have no choice then, but I leave when I’m finished.’
He took care to look only at her back.
‘There, finished.’ he said as he rinsed her back one last time. ‘Now I go.’
She nodded and he got up careful not to look at the girls.
‘Thank you.’ Cani said just as he got out the doorway.
‘You’re welcome.’
‘Thanks for your help.’ Feli said.
‘No problem.’ he said as he closed the door behind him.
He took off his drenched clothes, dried himself, got dressed and sank down into the couch feeling exhausted. ‘What a morning.’

When the girls got out of the shower he couldn’t help but think of them as young women.
‘Better now?’ Cani asked.
He smiled. ‘Yeah, you’re both beautiful.’
‘We’d better get ready to go shopping.’ Feli said quickly and pushed Cani to the other room.

First they stopped at the baker who was rather surprised at suddenly finding two guests of the state in his shop.
‘Morning.’ Guy said.
‘Ah. I see.’
His daughters at the counter were already all over Feli and Cani explaining what all the pastries were.
‘Sorry about that.’
The baker smiled. ‘No worries. How about something for tea? It’s on the house as a special welcome for them.’
‘Thanks, but I couldn’t.’
‘Take it. I’ve never seen the girls so excited.’
The girls said goodbye and the next stop was at the butcher with the same effect.
‘Would you like a taste?’ asked the butcher to Cani who was looking at the sample plate and wagging her tail like crazy.
‘Can I?’
‘Cani!’ said Feli. ‘Behave yourself.’
She looked at her with flat ears and sad eyes and the butcher laughed. ‘That’s what they’re there for.’ he said and handed her a slice of sausage. ‘This one can be eaten cold and warm.’
‘Thank you!’ Cani said and munched on it. ‘Good.’
‘Well, guess I’ll take a piece of that too.’ Guy said while he ordered meat for tonight’s dinner.
Guy already knew they would also be a hit at the other stores when they went there. By the time they went into his family’s store he knew they’d already heard the news.
‘I guess you do go overboard when you start something.’ his uncle said. ‘Not just one, but two girls now.’
‘It’s not like that. Cani is a chilhood friend of Feli’s.’
‘If you say so, but it sure is something.’ his uncle said as the girls looked back at them while they were busy with his aunt.
‘That reminds me, I’d better call Thesa.’
His uncle raised an eyebrow. ‘Another girl?’
‘Their agent for the exchange program. I have to let her know Cani’s with us.’
‘I already heard.’ her voice said from behind him.
‘Ah, Thesa. I was about to call you when we got back from shopping.’
‘I saw messages on the net about the three of you going to the shops here. I’m glad she turned up because it made quite the fuss at the office.’
The girls walked up to them when they had finished with his aunt and Thesa looked sternly at Cani who kept herself a little behind Guy.
‘You caused us trouble, young lady.’
Cani looked down. ‘Sorry.’
‘What would have happened if something bad had happened to you? You can’t just run off in a strange country.’ Thesa said, then relaxed. ‘But I’m glad you’re okay. Now we can see where you can stay.’
Guy felt a tug at his back and saw her looking at him with big eyes. ‘There was no place assigned to her yet?’ he asked Thesa.
‘No, she wasn’t supposed to come here in another week.’
‘I think she would like to stay with us.’
Thesa looked at Cani who nodded quickly and carefully wagged her tail. ‘I guess we can arrange that. You have enough room for now so if you have no objection.’
He looked back at Cani. ‘I think it would be a good idea for both of them.’
Cani hugged him tightly and wagged her tail. ‘Thank you.’
‘Are you sure you can handle them both?’ Thesa asked.
‘Since you’d like me to show Feli around, one more won’t make much of a difference.’

The rest of the day they spend shopping for extra furniture and household items and in the evening they introduced Cani on the diary. Guy had purchased a good camera and posted a few pictures of the girls in the newly furnished room.
‘That didn’t take long.’ he said as he looked at the counters.
‘What didn’t?’ Feli asked.
‘For this diary to get world famous.’ he said and pointed at the statistics. ‘The whole world is watching us.’
He nodded. ‘You’re going to be real celebrities now.’
‘Oh dear.’
‘Well, what did you expect when you came here? You girls are special.’
‘I just never thought about that. I only thought of learning about humanity.’
‘Now you’ll also learn about being famous.’ he smiled. ‘But first, you’ll learn about cooking.’
Together they prepared dinner and watched one of the movies from the list while eating it.
‘Is everyone required to watch this?’ Cani asked.
‘Heh, fortunately not. Although I do understand why they put it on the list. It shows us an example of human emotions involved in a family.’
He stretched and yawned. ‘At least it helps me fall asleep.’
The girls went to their room and he laid out the futon for himself. He listened to the sounds of the late evening through the half open balcony door when he heard footsteps coming in.
‘Ehmm..’ Feli started with Cani next to her.
He snickered. ‘I think I know what you’d like to ask, make yourself comfortable.’
The girls crawled next to him.
‘Thank you.’ Feli whispered.
‘No, thank you. It feels comfortable to have you close. Sleep well.’
‘Good night.’ they said and fell asleep soon.

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