Daily life with furry girls 03

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This day they visited a wildlife preservation and got a lot of attention at the petting zoo from kids who thought they were part of it.
Guy was talking on the phone to Thesa. ‘Yeah, I had the same idea. As long as the public knows about her they won’t try to grab her just like that again.’
‘Will you be okay with another guest at the house?’
‘Yeah. They’re getting along fine so no problem there.’
‘All right, speak to you soon.’
He put the phone back into his pocket and picked up a few cans of juice.
‘I thought you might want a break from all this attention.’ He said as he offered the cans to the girls.
They gratefully took them while the parents thanked them for letting their kids play with them.
‘I’m not sure if I took you to an attraction, or if I took an attraction to here.’
Cani leaned against him. ‘You’re not getting jealous of some kids now, are you?’
He grinned. ‘Maybe.’
‘We can always play at home.’ she said and nuzzled his cheek.
‘Cani!’ Feli said. ‘Behave.’
Cani snickered. ‘Admit it. You want to do that too.’
Feli looked away. ‘That’s for private moments.’ she said but took his shirt in her hand.
‘Well, it’s almost time to go anyway. Let’s pick up something to eat on the way home.’

Back at home they ate, made themselves comfortable with a movie, then got ready for the night.
When Feli and Cani laid down the futons they saw Avia looking at them while holding her own.
She looked up a little startled. ‘Yes?’
‘You want to sleep with us tonight?’
‘I don’t mean to..’
Feli smiled. ‘It’s okay, sleeping together is part of our nature too.’
‘He won’t mind?’
‘Guy?’ Cani asked. ‘He may be nice, but he’s man enough not to mind one more girl next to him.’
‘Will he..? Does he make you do..?’ she asked holding the futon tight and pulling her wings closer.
Cani giggled. ‘Of course not. He’s not like that. Otherwise we wouldn’t stay here.’
Avia relaxed a little.
‘But Feli and I have dibs on him, so you’ll have to sleep next to one of us. Or find an alternative spot.’
She shook her head quickly. ‘I’ll sleep next to you if you don’t mind.’
Cani shook her head and took Avia’s futon to lay it next to theirs.
‘Ready?’ asked Guy. ‘Then I’ll turn off the light.’
They crawled under the futon and Feli snuggled up extra close to Guy. He touched her nose with his and she kissed him. After a while she pulled back and Cani turned his head so she could kiss him. Then Feli pulled him back and kissed him again and so they switched several times until Feli saw Avia watching them intently.
‘Sorry,’ she said ‘I guess we got caught in the moment and forgot to behave ourselves.’
Avia shook her head. ‘No, I’m sorry for intruding. It’s just that..’ she said, then pulled her futon in front of her beak.
‘What is it?’ Cani asked.
Avia shook her head again.
Cani grinned a little. ‘I can see you’re dying of curiousity, so just ask. We won’t bite.’
‘It’s..’ she said and looked a little away. ‘Does that feel good? I mean, we don’t do something like that in our world.’
‘You mean kissing?’ Guy asked.
She nodded quickly.
He pondered for a minute. ‘I could imagine that, having beaks might make it hard.’
Cani pulled closer to Avia. ‘Our muzzles aren’t ideal, but it feels very good with him. Of course, I don’t want to kiss anyone else but him either.’
He blushed a little. ‘Thanks. Of course I love kissing you too. I don’t care about Feli and Cani being human or not, kissing them is great.’
Avia nodded agian, then Cani looked at Guy. ‘Say, do you want to try it?’ she asked and looked back at Avia.
She looked at Cani with big eyes. ‘Try it?’
Cani smiled and nodded.
Avia glanced quickly at Guy who blushed again.
Cani turned to Guy. ‘You wouldn’t mind giving her a demonstration? After all, you already gave her CPR.’
Guy looked away. ‘Well, that was kinda different.’
Cani looked back at Avia. ‘So?’
Avia hid her face mostly behind the futon but nodded slightly.
‘Guy?’ Cani asked.
‘Well, if you want to try, I’m flattered to help out.’
Cani sat up and moved back. ‘When you’re ready..’
Guy pulled the futon gently away from Avia. ‘We’ll just start with light nuzzling. Then you can choose how to continue.’
Avia nodded lightly and Guy stroked her beak with his nose as he carressed her cheek. She closed her eyes and followed his movements. He caressed her beak with his lips and she opened it a little. He lightly touched her tongue with his until she got used to it and opened her beak further, moving out her own tongue more. Eventually he placed his lips along her open beak and caressed her tongue with his. Her breathing got heavier and she pulled harder at him until she could no longer keep up and pulled back.
‘Wow.’ said Cani. ‘That’s some first kiss.’
Avia hid behind her hands. ‘Sorry.’
Guy smiled. ‘Don’t be, that was really something.’
‘Yeah,’ Feli said and pointed at his crotch. ‘just look at how hard he got.’
‘You can’t blame a guy for that when he gets to kiss three incredibly cute girls.’
‘Do we,’ Avia started. ‘do that too now?’
‘I’m first this time!’ Feli said and put her hand on his crotch. ‘Cani already was first at kissing and holding hands so now it’s my turn.’
Guy looked at her and she realised what she just said. ‘I mean..’
‘Oh?’ Cani smiled deviously. ‘You already want to do it now?’
‘That’s not what I meant!’
‘Then you don’t want to do it with him?’
‘Of course I want to do it with him!’
‘Well then, since you’re already warming him up, go ahead.’
Feli didn’t understand what she meant, then realised that she had a firm grip on his crotch.
‘I’m sorry!’ she said, pulling her hand away.
Guy snickered. ‘That’s okay. It’s my pleasure.’ He turned to Cani. ‘Don’t tease everyone, it’s a big step to take with one you love.’
‘Yeah, true.’
‘I’m really happy with the attention, but I don’t think I could hold back once you girls really want to get this intimate.’
Cani looked away for a moment. ‘You really mean that?’
‘Just to be sure.’
She stroked his chest. ‘I guess I’ll prepare myself next time.’
He laid back and let out a sigh. ‘You girls really do take a lot out of a man, but then again I say you’re really worth it.’
‘Sorry.’ Cani said and kissed him.
‘It’s okay, I guess it’s easier for men to go bonckers when they get attention from cute girls.’ he said with a smile.
‘So,’ Feli said and looked at Avia. ‘you want in?’
‘To be part of his harem.’
She glanced at him, then away. ‘Would that be okay with you, seeing how close you are to him?’
‘Of course.’ Cani said. ‘It would be more fun.’
‘More mates is a sign of a good partner in our society.’ Feli said.
Avia stayed silent for a moment, then nodded lightly.
‘Wow,’ Guy said. ‘I feel so happy I want to hug you all tightly and never ever let go.’
Feli snuggled up closer. ‘If it was up to me that would happen.’
‘Same here.’ Cani said and pulled Avia on top of him. ‘You’re caught in this trap and will never get out, how’s that?’
Avia looked at them, then relaxed and laid down her head on his chest. ‘I would like that.’
Guy kissed Feli and Cani, then laid back his head. ‘If I die now I can say I had the best life ever.’
Feli stroked his shoulder. ‘I think it’ll get even better in the near future.’
‘Whatever it may hold, I love you girls so much.’

‘You look a little worried.’ Guy said as he handed Thesa a cup of tea.
She nodded.
‘Something I can help with?’
‘We can help with?’ Feli corrected and nudged him.
He grinned a little. ‘Of course.’
‘Well,’ Thesa started. ‘from the moment we started communicating with other species more have come in contact with us. A couple of different species we could handle but more than that we’re still not used to.’
‘Too much new experiences?’ Guy asked.
Thesa nodded. ‘It’s not a bad thing, but it takes more effort. Like our newest exchange request.’
‘Who’s that?’ Cani asked.
‘It’s, a species difficult to host here. Species like you three are familiar and are generally liked. But this..’
‘You’re making me curious.’ Guy said.
Thesa sighed. ‘You already have three guests here, otherwise I would’ve asked you to think it over.’
‘Why me?’
‘Because you seem to have something that makes these girls feel comfortable in our society. Or at least with you around.’
Guy saw the girls feel a little awkward. ‘So what’s the problem exactly? Even if it’s temporary, we’d like to help.’
‘She’s not really attractive in conventional terms.’
‘So? Does she have to be pretty to be a guest here?’
Thesa leaned forward. ‘Do you want to have a shot at this?’
‘If you thought I had a chance of making it work wouldn’t you have asked?’
‘I’m sure we three are proof that everything’s possible.’ Feli said. ‘Let’s welcome her.’
Thesa smiled softly. ‘This is why I could only think of this place.’ She stood up. ‘All right. I’ll suggest it to the minister.’
Guy and the girls said goodbye to Thesa and went on with the plans for the day, visiting the city centre combining shopping, interviews and promoting the program.
When they got home late in the evening Cani stopped them from entering the apartment.
‘Something’s here.’ she said and growled a little.
‘What do you sense?’ Guy asked.
‘Not sure. A new scent.’
‘Let me check.’ he said and opened the door.
‘Wait, I’ll go first.’ Cani said.
He held her back. ‘What kind of man would I be to let a girl go first?’
‘But I.’
He gently touched her muzzle. ‘I know, but I still can’t let you go first.’
She looked away. ‘Don’t blame me if you get hurt.’
‘If I get hurt but you can save the situation I’ll gladly do it.’ he said and went inside.
‘Baka.’ she said softly but felt more feminine than ever.
‘I agree.’ Feli said and took her shoulder. ‘We’ll take on whatever threatens him.’
He turned on the lights in the room and looked around. ‘Nothing here.’
Then he too felt something in a dark corner staring at him and backed away.
‘Someone here?’
‘Gomen.’ a voice said from the unlit room. ‘Miss Thesa let me in while you were away.’
‘Are you the one she mentioned today?’ Feli asked holding Guy close.
‘I probably am. Someone from a difficult species.’
He nodded. ‘She was worried about wether we could give you the warm welcome you deserve.’
‘No need to make it sound better. I know you’d be repulsed by our appearance.’
‘Actually, we have no idea what you look like.’ he said and prepared the table. ‘Miss Tesha hasn’t told us anything about you.’
‘I understand. She didn’t want to make you reject me right away.’
‘I think she wanted us to start to get to know you without any bias.’ Feli said. ‘So why not start to introduce ourselves?
I’m Feli from the feline species.’
‘Cani, canine species.’
‘Avia.’ she said shyly.
‘I’m Guy, proud host to these three girls, and hoping to be one to you as well.’ he said and bowed.
She stayed silent for a moment.
‘Ara, from the arachnide family.’ she said.
‘We welcome you to human society, may your stay here simply be fun.’ Guy said.
Again she stayed silent for a while. ‘Thank you.’ she said eventually.
‘Now, since it’s your first night here, would you like to do something?’
‘I’d like to rest for the night. Today has been a busy day.’
‘No problem. To be honest today has been quite tiresome so we could use the rest ourselves.’ Guy said. ‘Is there anything you need?’
‘Thank you, I’m fine.’
‘Okay. Just one thing, do you have a preference for breakfast?’
‘We mostly eat meat.’
He nodded. ‘Then I’ll get extra from the butcher in the morning.’
They prepared for the night and Cani crawled extra close to Guy.
‘I still have a bad feeling.’ she whispered.
‘Don’t worry, if there was any danger Thesa wouldn’t have sent her here.’ Guy said.
Cani nodded and they all snuggled close to sleep.
Ara watched them for a while. ‘You talk friendly now, but will you when you get to know me?’ she whispered, then retired in
to her cocoon.

Guy yawned and stretched when he woke up, kissed the sleeping girls and slipped out from their embrace with a little regret. He quickly freshened up and started to make tea. Since the girls had to work hard yesterday he got ready to go shopping alone. He heard a noise from the corner where Ara stayed and knocked softly on the wall.
‘Ara? Did you wake up already?’
‘I’m stepping out to get breakfast. Do you prefer something from the butcher?’
‘Just make sure it’s bloody.’
‘I’ll ask for it.’ he said and went out the door.
“No questions or comments?” she thought, then tried to get a bit more sleep.
When he came back the girls had already set the table. He kissed all of them for a while before starting to prepare breakfast.
When he finished with preparing the usual he went to Ara’a corner.
‘Ara?’ he said knocking on the wall again. ‘I guess you like your breakfast raw?’
‘Will you join us?’
‘Do you think you can handle it?’
He pondered for a moment. ‘I have no idea. We have never met your kind before, but there are those amongst us who like raw
‘You think that’s the issue?’
‘Is there another?’
She chuckled. ‘I guess I just have to show for you to understand.’
She crawled out of her cocoon and Guy saw her appearing out of the shadow. At first her head appeared and he saw nothing strange until he saw an extra smaller pair of eyes in her forehead, partially hidden by her long, red hair. Her upper body appeared human except for being black and then her legs came out.
He watched six hairy red spider legs come out with a black spider body.
She stretched and stood in front of him.
‘Bet you never expected this.’ she said grinning with her fangs exposed.
He shook his head. ‘No. I never thought someone like you existed.’
‘Disgusting, isn’t it?’
He watched her for a moment, then looked up at her. ‘What? No! I’m rather impressed.’
‘You what!?’
‘Humans always had fantasy stories with spider people in it, but this is the first time I see one for real.’
‘Doesn’t it scare you!? Disgust you!?’
‘Gomen. I’m just weird. I think you’re interesting.’
She watched his dumb face, then burst out in laughter.
Cani came to see what kept him, saw Ara, then moved inbetween them growling at Ara.
‘Looks like we got a feisty one here.’ Ara said.
Guy wrapped his arms around Cani. ‘Relax, nothing bad’s going on here.’
She looked back at him.
‘I just did something that made her laugh.’ he said. ‘Meet Ara.’
She watched the spider girl nod.
‘Ara, meet Cani, a very protective girlfriend.’ he said.
Ara nodded back. ‘I saw.’
‘You’re..?’ Cani asked.
‘Yeah. The one miss Tesha told about.’ Ara said. ‘Or rather, warned about.’
‘Gomen.’ Cani said. ‘I was very rude.’
‘Don’t feel bad, I get that more often.’
‘That’s not good.’ Guy said and held out his hand to her. ‘You shouldn’t have to experience that.’
She looked surprised at him.
‘Let us get to know each other.’
She smiled a little and took his hand. ‘I will hold you responsible.’
‘I will gladly take it.’ he said and smiled, taking both girls to the living room.
‘Feli, Avia, let me introduce Ara from the arachnid species.’ he said and escorted her into the room.
The two girls looked at her for a moment, then looked at Guy. ‘Another girl?’ they said.
He felt surprised by their reaction and looked at Ara. ‘I’d guess so..’
Cani snickered. ‘Looks like there’s a whole different issue than what you thought it would be.’ she said to Ara.
Ara just looked at the girls and had no idea what she got herself into.

During breakfast the girls made their introductions and their relationship with Guy.
‘So that’s why you reacted like that.’ Ara said.
Feli nodded. ‘We know he doesn’t care about species.’
‘It’s not my fault you’re all cute girls..’ he muttered.
‘Good thing I’m not cute then.’ Ara said.
The other girls looked at him.
‘What!? I didn’t say anything! I only think her black eyes are attractive and being wrapped up in her legs would be nice!’
Ara looked away shyly and the other girls sighed.
‘And this is why we fell for him in the first place.’ Feli said.
Ara snickered. ‘I can see why miss Tesha brought me here. You’re a real weird bunch.’

‘I’m not..’ Ara said.
Cani sighed and pushed her out the door. ‘Just go will you! You have to go out sometime and the people in this street are the nicest to get to know.’
‘You’re just lucky we have to write reports today so you can go alone with Guy.’ she said and held him tight.
He felt great and kissed her gently. ‘You make me feel so lucky.’
She stroked his cheek. ‘Just come back.’
‘I’ll always come back.’ he said and caressed her ear before walking down to the street with Ara.
‘They really love you.’ Ara said.
‘Yeah, I can’t imagine a luckier guy than me. And now I feel lucky to escort the first arachnid girl.’
Downstairs she hesitated going out onto the street. She became shy and looked quickly around the corner.
Guy held out his hand. ‘Would this help?’
She took his hand and smiled softly. ‘Thanks.’
‘Ready? You don’t have to if you really don’t want to.’
She shook her head. ‘I’ll be okay.’ she said and stepped forward.
Guy noticed she didn’t really dare to look around when the few other people on the street saw her.
‘Looks like you made an even bigger impact than the others.’ he said.
‘I scare them.’
‘No, they’re curious about you.’
‘Guy?’ he heard someone say, then looked back to see the daughters of the baker.
‘Hey there.’
He looked at Ara. ‘These are the daughters of the baker down the street, Anna and Michelle. Girls, meet Ara. She came here yesterday.’
‘Nice to meet you.’ Anna said.
‘My pleasure.’ Ara said.
‘So, you want to ask something?’ he said.
Michelle fiddled with her phone. ‘We wanted to ask if we could take a picture.’
‘You want a picture of me?’ Ara said.
Michelle nodded. ‘We’ve shown the picturs of Feli, Cani and Avia at school. They would love to see you too.’
Ara looked at Guy who nodded. ‘How about I take one with the three of you?’
‘Okay, smile.’ he said as he took pictures with both phones of the girls cheerily linking arms together.
‘Thank you.’ they said as they looked at the pictures.
‘You’re welcome.’ Ara said feeling a little happy.
The girls waved goodbye as they hurried to school.
‘See? Nothing to worry about.’ Guy said. ‘Let’s go shop.’
Ara nodded and took his hand again as they continued down the street.
‘Ah. I did say nothing to worry about,’ Guy said when they arrived at his family’s store. ‘but you haven’t met my aunt and uncle yet.’
‘Are they strange?’
‘Not really. Just a little, enthusiastic whenever I come around with one of the girls.’ he said, took a deep breath and we
nt into the store with Ara.
‘Yo! Harem king!’ came the greeting from his uncle and Guy sighed. ‘See?’
Ara snickered and his uncle came over to meet the new girl.
‘Welcome to our humble-e-e-eee..’ he said as he finally saw Ara’s body.
He stared at it and Ara felt embarrassed.
‘I’m sorry if I scare you.’ she said.
His uncle waved his hand. ‘No no. I’m just wondering how to accomodate you here. The aisles might be rather tight for you to walk in. I wouldn’t want you to have to worry when you’re here.’
Ara looked at Guy who smiled. ‘That’s the sort of worry when they see you.’
‘Anyways,’ his uncle said and poked Guy. ‘did he lure you too into his harem of beautiful creatures?’
Ara laughed. ‘Not quite yet.’
‘Ohh.’ his aunt said who came over as well. ‘So there is a chance for more little ones in the future?’
‘Auntie!’ said Guy blushing hard.
‘You protest now, but you’re not letting her go either.’ she said with a smirk.
Then he realised he hadn’t let go of Ara’s hand all this time. ‘Ah! Gomen! I.’
Ara grinned. ‘Maybe I lured him into my web.’
Guy sighed. ‘I can never win.’
‘Then you’re the luckiest loser in the world.’ his uncle said and nudged him. ‘And you came at a good time. We have a favour to ask.’

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