Daily life with furry girls 06

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Miss Thesa had arranged for all of them to stay the night at an inn at the forest nearby. First though they stopped by the entertainment park where Mami apologised for the trouble she had caused.
‘I heard about the circumstances from miss Thesa.’ the director said. ‘We will call it even with your parttime job here.’
Miss Thesa used Guy’s idea and arranged for Mami to work at the park as a guide to compensate them and the visitors who’s money she had stolen.
‘I’ll do my best.’ she said as the director shook her hand.
‘I believe you’re better suited to guiding visitors around. By now you should know the place better than any of us.’ he said and winked.
She felt a little embarrassed and nodded.

Later at the trainstation Mami felt much more relaxed. Cani sat down next to her and smiled at her.
‘Ack!’ Mami said and backed away. ‘You’re not gonna pounce me again, are you?’
Cani laughed a little. ‘No, I just wanted to say you look more cheerful now.’
Mami relaxed and nodded a little, leaning her head on Mouse who she had brought along.
‘Does he always do so much?’ she said looking at Guy who was looking for something to eat on the way with Avia.
‘He enjoys seeing other people feeling happy.’
‘Ah.’ she said and watched Avia leaning against him. ‘He’s still a pervert though.’

The ride through the hills covered with forest gave them an occasional good view to enjoy at the side of a hill and across bridges.
‘Imagine getting lost here.’ Feli said.
Guy nodded. ‘There have been accidents with people getting lost here. The forest is quite thick and if you don’t have any navigation it’s hard to find any bearing. The best you could do is climb a hill and look for lights from a neighbourhood, then head that way until you come across rail tracks or a road.’
‘Am I glad I can fly.’ Avia said.
‘True that.’

When the single car train arrived at the neighbourhood close to the inn they got off. Guy took out the notes on the route to the inn and looked around the silent station for directional signs.
‘Looks like it’s a 15 minute walk. Want to do that?’
Cani and Feli stretched from sitting all this time.
‘I could sure use the walk.’ Cani said.
The others had no objection and they set off in the direction of the road to the inn.
‘It’s quiet here.’ Ara said looking around.
It was a sunny day but just a few people went around the street.
‘It’s not a big neighbourhood looking at the height of the buildings.’ Guy said and watched a group of recreational walkers in front of a hotel. ‘They probably get more tourists here.’
The road to the inn went down mostly so they didn’t feel tired when they arrived at the wooden building.
‘You must be our special guests.’ an elderly woman said who was tending the garden outside.
‘Miss Tesha didn’t make any special demands I hope?’ Feli said.
The hostess smiled. ‘She only said to expect your arrival. But that makes you special enough for us.’ She beckoned them to come inside. ‘My name is Claudia. Come, I’ll show you to your rooms.’
They followed her down a hallway and slid open a pair of doors. ‘This is the middle room. You can enter the ones left and right through those doors. Miss Tesha said you might want to arrange your own way to sleep so I left the futons together in
the left room for you to use as you wish. We kept the rooms sparse for you to have enough space.’
They entered the room with just two low tables and cushions to sit on for furniture and a few paintings on the wall. Cani heard water and slid open the doors at the other side to reveal a patio to a large outside bath with a little waterfall at t
he back.
‘Wow.’ Ara said looking at it.
‘It’s not hot water though.’ Claudia said. ‘But it’s warm enough all year around to enjoy a long soak.’
‘I never realised this was here.’ Guy said.
‘We don’t advertise. People who come here hear about it from others. Most of our guests want to relax in a quiet atmosphere. Today and tomorrow you are our only guests, but later we get more. On average we have about a dozen guests daily.’
‘Almost a public secret.’ Avia said feeling the water.
Claudia nodded. ‘You could say that. Now enjoy your stay. There are directions if you want to take a walk in the forest, we can heat up a sauna if you’d like, there’s a collection of films available, you can spend your time enjoying the water or if you have any other wish you can always ask.’
‘Arigato.’ Guy said putting down his bags.
‘Oh,’ Claudia said. ‘I understood from miss Tesha you might have special nutricional needs, so you’re free to use our kitchen as you wish. If you need anything special we can ask the restaurant at the neighbourhood for it.’
‘That’s very gratious of you and I’d like to take you up on your offer.’ Guy said. ‘Mind if I have a look already?’
She shook her head and Guy left the girls to unpack while he made sure there was something to eat for everyone.
‘This will do.’ he said as she showed him the supplies. ‘Their needs aren’t too special but I’d like for each of them to get their natural diet.’
‘You really take care of them. They must be very happy.’
‘I try to do what I can.’ he said and looked at the row of pans hanging on the wall above the stove. ‘So, let me cook for you tonight as thanks. What would you like?’

When he arrived back at the room he heard them outside and walked onto the patio.
‘I invited our hostess and her husband to eat with us tonight if that’s all right with you.’ he said and found the girls already wet at the showers apart from Cani. ‘Now that’s what I call a nice view.’
‘Don’t look you pervert!’ said Mami and covered herself with her hands.
‘Gomen!’ he said and looked away. ‘I forgot.’
‘Don’t be too hard on him.’ Feli said and handed her a large towel. ‘He’s used to having to bathe with us. Cani won’t go in water without him.’
Mami looked at Cani.
‘I just feel more relaxed with him near me!’ Cani said flattening her ears.
‘Fine.’ Mami said. ‘But if he tries anything weird I’ll kill him.’
‘You heard her darling.’ Feli said. ‘Get to it.’
‘Hai hai mistress.’ he said with a smirk.
He undressed in the room and returned tying a towel around his waist, then sat down at the shower. ‘So, who’s first?’
‘Mami.’ said Feli to Mami’s surprise.
‘What first!?’ she asked.
‘To have your back and tail washed.’ Feli said and pushed her to the stool in front of Guy. ‘He’s really good and does us all the time.’
‘What!? Wait!? No!’ protested Mami but Feli sat her down and removed her towel. ‘Eep!’
‘Relax.’ said Avia sitting next to her. ‘You’ll enjoy it.’
Mami looked at Avia, then nodded nervously. ‘But I will kill you if-‘
‘I do anything weird.’ Guy finished. ‘I know so don’t worry.’
He took the showerhead, felt the temperature and held it next to her. ‘Is this good for you?’
She felt the water and nodded. He slowly let the water onto her back and gently rinsed her fur.
‘Cani likes it cooler and Feli likes it hotter so want to make sure you’re comfortable.’ he said and started on her head.
When she was ready he turned off the water and squirted shampoo on his hands.
‘Now comes the best part.’ Feli said and Guy ran his fingers from Mami’s head down to her tail spreading the shampoo while she shuddered lightly.
Next he started massaging her head with his fingertips and go down slowly.
‘Ah.’ let Mami go.
‘I think she likes it.’ Ara said smirking.
‘I, was just a little surprised!’ Mami said but couldn’t hold back shivers while Guy went down her back.
By the time he reached her tail she held it stiff and it too shivered as he massaged it down to the tip.
‘So, how was it?’ Feli asked leaning closer.
‘It wasn’t bad.’ she said looking away.
Guy took the showerhead again and started rinsing her top to bottom again while she cluthed the edge of the stool.
‘Done.’ Guy said.
‘Now, would you like him to do your front too?’
Mami imagined him giving the same sensation on her front and felt her blood steaming. ‘No! Not good! Not good!’
Feli snickered. ‘That’s what he says when we offer him to do ours.’ she said and leaned closer to Mami again. ‘He’s afraid he’d no longer keep himself under control if he did that.’ she whispered.
‘Are you all perverts?’ Mami muttered.
Mami did the rest herself while Guy attended to the rest of the girls and eventually let Cani do his back before they both went into the bath together. This was a new bath for her so she sat in front of him while he wrapped his arms around her.
‘Sometimes I think she’s just using her fear as an excuse to do that.’ Feli said.
Cani puffed up her cheeks. ‘I really am nervous.’
Guy rubbed his cheek against her. ‘I’ll be here for anyone who wants to later.’
They relaxed until it became time for Guy to start on dinner. He went with Feli who would help him today and even got help from Claudia. They sat down in a larger room used for dinner parties and Claudia’s husband complimented Guy on his cooking
skills. Cani asked how they started this inn and Claudia explained they found this spring when they were little and build the inn when they got married. They had also found another spring which they took care of for public use by the neighbourhood.
‘So then you’ve been married for quite some time now?’ Cani said.
Bernd, Claudia’s husband took Claudia’s hand in his and smiled at her. ‘And still going strong.’
‘At least until our granddaughter takes over the inn.’ said Claudia. ‘Our children weren’t really into managing this but Emilia said she wanted to. That’s why she’s studying business and catering now.’
‘When she can run things here we’ll start retiring slowly.’
Guy held up his drink. ‘A toast to this wonderful inn and their hosts.’ he said and the girls joined.
‘So,’ asked Bernd after a few drinks. ‘Which one are you going to marry?’
Guy almost choked on his drink and Ara patted on his back. ‘I think that means he has no idea right now.’
‘No favorite?’
Guy shook his head. ‘I think they’re all precious.’
Bernd nodded. ‘I see. You’re going for all of them.’
Guy blushed and Claudia nudged her husband. ‘They’re still young. They have enough time to get married later.’
‘You don’t think it’s weird to marry between our species?’ Mami asked.
Claudia patted her hand. ‘When I see this much love it doesn’t matter who marries who.’
‘Reminds me of that time with that man, horse and penguin.’ said Bernd staring into his glass.
Everyone stared at him in disbelief.
‘Just kidding.’ he said and smirked while the rest grunted.
After dinner and cleaning up they retired for the night. Feli offered a room alone for Mami, but she didn’t mind sharing.
Guy woke up in the middle of the night again but had trouble getting back to sleep. Carefully he slipped out between the girls and went onto the patio to wash his face and sit in the bath.
‘Can’t sleep yourself now?’ he suddenly heard Mami ask.
He looked up and saw her holding a towel in front of her.
‘Ah, not really.’ he said looking away.
He heard the towel drop, her coming into the water and to his surprise she sat down in front of him leaning back against him.
‘I just want to find out why they want to do this. Nothing more.’ she said.
‘Right.’ he said and tried to relax.
‘You’re still thinking about that marriage thing?’
‘I could see it on your face from the moment he asked about it.’
He sighed. ‘Yeah.’
‘Worried you might not be able to keep them happy?’
‘Something like that.’
‘You think they’re not happy now?’
He smiled softly. ‘I believe they are.’
‘I don’t see the problem then.’
‘It’s just that..’
‘It makes me nervous.’
‘Does it make any difference with the current situation?’
He thought about for a while. ‘I guess not.’
‘Well then?’
He sighed again. ‘Maybe I’m thinking too much.’
She nodded. ‘The way I see it they’re crazy enough to accept you anyway.’
‘Great. Thanks.’ he said grinning and ruffled her head making her squirm, then hugged her. ‘Arigato.’ he whispered.
‘I would have Mouse do this instead but I don’t want her to get soaked.’ she said and held his arms.
‘Sneak!’ shouted Cani.
Guy and Mami looked at her.
‘All this time protesting but you wanted to be close to him too!’ Cani said while the other girls showed up behind her.
‘What?’ said Feli.
‘Oh, I think someone needs to come out with the truth.’ Ara said.
‘No, wait!’ shouted Mami but Cani already jumped into the bath grabbing her as the others grabbed Guy and splashed him.
‘I wasn’t!’ Mami started but Cani hugged her gently.
‘Thanks for cheering him up.’ Cani whispered.
Mami relaxed. ‘It’s okay.’
‘Now,’ Cani said and stood up holding Mami. ‘let’s drink to our newest member of Guy’s harem!’
Mami tried to protest but the girls cheered and pulled out the wine.

The next morning Mami found herself in the pile of Guy and the other girls and sighed. ‘Screw it then.’

After breakfast they took one of the routes through the forest until lunch and got ready to leave after that.
They said their goodbyes to their hosts and walked back to the train station.
Cani stretched as they arrived and waited. ‘That was fun.’
‘Yeah.’ said Ara looking at Mami. ‘And unexpected.’
She looked away. ‘What?’
Feli snickered and clung to Guy. ‘I think you’re cursed.’
‘Heh, what kind of guy would I be to go against it?’ he said, then heard his phone ring.
‘Miss Tesha, what makes you call us on this lovely day?’

They came home and dropped their bags quickly.
‘Wow.’ Avia said seeing the new kitchen, much bigger than the old one.
‘And check out the bathroom.’ Ara said sliding open the wide glass doors. ‘So much room now for us.’
Guy took a quick look around then sat down in front of miss Tesha. ‘But I guess that’s not the news you called us about.’
She shook her head and handed him a folder which he opened.
‘You’re kidding?’ he said after a while.
The girls gathered around him curious to see what was going on.
‘Is that a royal sign?’ Feli asked.
Miss Tesha nodded.
‘Hang on.’ Feli said and looked at Mami. ‘Is that really true?’
‘What?’ Mami asked and Feli handed her the folder.
She read it with Cani, Ara and Avia looking over her, then silently they looked at miss Tesha.
‘Welcome back, seventh princess Nymina.’

‘Yes, our own DNA analysis confirmed it. Years ago two members of the royal family, together with their staff and their daughter went missing during a routine flight. The pilot reported a malfunction at one engine, igniting the fuel before they lost contact. They found only charred remains in the wreckage days later.’ Miss Thesa said.
‘I can only guess that they somehow managed to keep you safe before or during the crash and someone found her. Her old mentor named the one who brought her to him, but he’s dead. We’re still looking at other leads.’
Guy looked at Mami looking down while leaning against him. ‘So now what?’
‘The royal family has requested her return. Nothing much else to do.’
‘Wow.’ said Cani and put her hand on Mami’s head. ‘Our little girl is a real life princess.’
‘I’m not a little girl!’ Mami said and wrestled with Cani.
Cani managed to wrap her up and rubbed her cheek against hers. ‘And now she’ll leave us to live in a big castle far away.’ she said and a tear came to her eyes.
Mami gave up her protest. ‘If you’re worried about me forgetting to dislike you, I never will.’ she said making Cani laugh a little.

‘Good luck in your new life.’ Feli said hugging Nymina.
‘Let us know how you’re doing with all that luxury.’ Ara said as she hugged her.
‘What about your job?’ asked Avia hugging Nymina next.
‘I informed the director, he will say she has returned to her family for now because we found it, which is enough of the truth.’ miss Thesa said.
‘Grow up.’ Cani said hugging her tight.
‘Get bent.’ Nymina replied supressing her tears.
‘Take care of Mouse.’ Guy said smiling.
She beckoned him to bend closer, then placed a kiss on his cheek hugging him. ‘Arigato.’ she whispered.
They waved her goodbye as her car left. Avia put an arm around Cani comforting her.
Guy looked up at the colourful sparks in Ara’s webbing. ‘Ah, we never got to show her this.’

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