Working relation

She woke up feeling very groggy and moaned. Slowly the memories of the drinking binge came back. She got frustrated about the new guy getting a lot of attention from the girls at work and worked him really hard. When it got him even more sympathy she dragged him to the bar to get him drunk and show them what kind of fool he’d be. But then it seemed to have backfired.
“I got drunk too.” she thought “I remember us two being the last to leave.”
She rubbed her face to wake up more and see if more memories came back. All she got was the feeling of embracing him and it made her heart beat faster.
‘Oh damn, what did I do?’ she said looking at the ceiling. ‘And where the hell am I?’ she said as she didn’t recognise it.
She sat up looking around the unfamiliar room. A wall closet, stand with TV in the corner, small table against the wall, couple of pictures, a pretty standard one room apartment. She looked at the futon, then noticed she was naked as well. Images of being undressed by him came to mind and she got angry at the thought of him taking advantage of her while she was unconcious.
She turned around to see where he was and found him asleep in a corner.
‘What did you do to me!?’ she shouted hitting him.
‘Wha!’ he yelled out.
‘What did you do!?’ she shouted again, still hitting him. ‘You took advantage of me!’
He rolled over trying to shield himself. ‘What are you talking about!?’
She embraced herself crying. ‘You! You stripped me, then, used me..’
He sat up and sighed. ‘I didn’t do anything to you.’
‘But, I’m naked..’
‘I did take off your clothes, yes.’
‘So then you admit it!’ she shouted and hit him again.
He grabbed her wrists. ‘You were soaked to the bone after falling into the fountain at the door! I couldn’t let you sleep in wet clothes and become sick!’
Now another memory came back.
‘You didn’t..’
‘Of couse not! I just got you quickly in the warm futon! I slept here in the corner!’
She saw the plush he had used as a pillow and the blanket on the floor. ‘You never..’
‘You think I’m the kind of guy to do something to drunk women?’
She sat back down ashamed of herself and shook her head.
He got up, opened his closet and took out a shirt to drape it around her shoulders. ‘I don’t have anything else that might fit, sorry. But it’ll have to do until your clothes are dry.’
He stepped into his kitchen heating up water for tea and to make breakfast.
‘I don’t have much but you’re welcome to it.’
‘You must hate me now.’
He turned around with a couple of plates and saw her standing meekly in his shirt. “Wow.” he thought. ‘I don’t hate you.’ he said and put down the plates on the table.
‘But I treated you so bad while you were so good to me. And at work because all the other girls just kept coming on to you.’

‘So, it was a misunderstanding. And I’m not really interested in those girls. They just think I’m novel, being the first fur at the company.’
‘Don’t you find them pretty and sexy?’
He put down the pot with hot water and teabags. ‘Right now I only think of you as pretty and sexy.’ he said, then quickly moved back to the kitchen to get the food.
‘You mean that?’ she asked and touched his back.
He could feel her fingers go through his fur making it stand up and tried to hold back wagging his tail. ‘I feel proud to work for a pretty and hard working boss.’
She leaned her head against his back and wrapped her arms around him. ‘I somehow remember embracing you.’
‘Well, you did cling a lot to me when I undressed you. I had to pull you off to get you in the futon.’
‘Did it feel bad, being touched by me?’
He coughed. ‘I, no, it wasn’t bad..’
‘But not good?’
‘Yeaiidrtherfeltverygood.’ he muttered.
He took a deep breath. ‘It felt really good.’
She pulled him around to kiss and hug him. He felt surprised at first but then embraced her, kissing her for some time.
She pulled back slowly. ‘I felt really jealous when you paid attention to those other girls. Sorry.’
He smiled softly. ‘I’m flattered. I’ll try to only pay attention to you.’
‘I feel you do. It seems your tail at the back isn’t the only one wagging at me.’
He felt a little embarrassed. ‘Yeah, it’s hard to keep both in check when dealing with a sexy woman wearing my shirt.’
‘Any sexy woman?’ she asked pretending to pout.
‘As long as she’s you.’ he said and she kissed him again.


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