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Dear family

How have you been?

In the last couple of days we learned more about society’s structure. Mr Thorsson took us to an exhibition showing recent history. It showed how mankind started grouping together in large cities at first and the stress it caused psychologically and on the environment eventually. That was the start of the current concept of neighbourhoods that could sustain themselves with the land surrounding them. Local farms are very efficient and can supply local neighbourhoods and some export. To minimise the effect on the environment and provide direct contact with nature neighbourhoods are usually no larger that 500 metres across. There are still a few large cities left, these are mostly centred around specific large industries or governmental tasks.
This neighbourhood turns out to be below average in size and age which explains why the high rise buildings aren’t as high as they could have been. Mr. Thorsson said he likes this most because it feels more dynamic to have a mix of low and high rise buildings. He told us we’ll be visiting one of the large cities as part of the cultural exchange.

This exhibition helped us understand a selection of movies we watched and short stories we read afterwards. Mr Thorsson explained anything we didn’t know afterwards. He said he had been reading several books before that have this theme as the background.

He also suggested to have Anna and Michelle, the baker’s daughters, come by one evening so we could hear what they’d learned about it at school. We had an interesting evening and will be doing this more with them when we deal with parts of culture that they already had as a subject in school.

Remember that time I told of the investigation at the themepark and the resultant capture of the criminals? As of this week Mami is living with Mr. Thorsson and us. She now too is part of the exchange program. She won’t be doing it fulltime though. Mr. Thorsson and Ms. Thesa have arranged for her to work parttime at the themepark as compensation for the trouble she caused the park and the visitors. She is adjusting well to her work environment and living here. Cani has gotten very attached to her already with her fondness of huggable things.

I’ve got to go now though, Guy asked me to help in the kitchen.

Write to you soon,


Hello all

Have Natalie and Tobias arrived home all right? Did he get an earful all the way home from her? He would deserve it but I guess he’s just lucky enough that she’s too nice to him. ^.^

I’m really glad that Mami’s back with us. She’s so adorable! I missed her even though she only spend a short time with us. :-(
But now she’s also part of the culture program and will be joining us on when we go with Guy somewhere. :-) Only she won’t have to do reports and all that stuff because she’s also working at that themepark where we first met her. She’s become a tourguide there and already made a few friends.

We learned why humans have begun to live in neighbourhoods like ours. They used to live in large cities that had a lot of really tall buildings before, and there still are some left, but I can’t imagine wanting to life with nothing green around save for a few trees and patches of grass. o.O; They didn’t want to eventually either and started smaller communities that could live more in tune with nature.
Guy will take us to one of the last cities as part of the program. I wonder what it’ll be like.

Oh, it was my turn yesterday to go shopping with Guy and he treated us to a new cherry cake from the bakery. Michelle and Anna had made it and it was delicious! I hope they’ll make more of these. ^.^
We heard they’re going to make a horror house at their next school festival and we’re going to help them! I can’t wait go around there looking like something out of one of those cheap horror movies we’ve seen here. >:-D
Guy thinks we can’t look really scary because we’re too cute so I pounced him. I’ll show him.

Tonight is another comedy evening. We’re going to watch a story about a young man who gets a sudden visit from a princess from another planet who falls in love with him. Later on her two sisters and more girls from outer space come live with him and he has to fight off their suitors who want to kill him out of jealousy.
Am I glad I’m not him. :-D

Avia just told me it’s my turn to shower. I still wouldn’t like it if it wasn’t for Guy comforting me. -.-

Hugs and kisses,


Hi mom, dad

Things are going well here and I hope with you too.

I’ve been asked today if I’d like to make a web roof at the inn we stayed a while ago. The lovely old couple had seen what I had made for the festival here and they thought it would make a nice addition to one of the rooms at their inn.

They also asked if I could make one at one of the smaller open spots in the forest where people can sit and enjoy the view of the hills.

I said yes and they told me I could expect more requests when more people see this. I already got a request to make some at the next festival at the local school.

Michelle from the bakery also asked me if I could make some really spooky webbing for when they would make a house of horrors. They even asked if I would come to promote it that day. Guy said it was a good idea and that he had in mind to take us there anyway.

When the others heard about it they also offered to help because it seemed fun to dress up as horror characters. Guy said he’d love to see this although he we’d still be too pretty to scare anyone. He’s nuts.

Talking of scaring, Guy and I went for a drink to the coffeeshop to see how the girls we caught at school were doing. It looks like he was right in how the girls would fit right in and attract customers.

I think they were trying to get back at him a little because they were flirting with him all the time to tease him. They didn’t quite succeed though. On our way back he said he was already spoiled with the lovely creatures all day around him. Like I said, he’s nuts.

I was surprised to see that humans used to live in such large groups not too long ago. They flocked together in huge cities, living really unhealthy and stressful. Now they live in mostly independent smaller groups where they can be surrounded by nature. Much better.

I’m off to take Guy with me to the clothes shop down the street. He said they had a beautiful violet colour cloth that would great on me as ribbons. He’s really nuts. But I guess I’ll see and maybe wear them just this once.



Dear grandmother

All is well I hope.

Thank you for letting me choose my own path. I’ve settled into my new home now. Avia, Feli, Ara, Guy, and the sometimes too affectionate Cani have been really supportive and happy I came back, just as much as I’m happy to be back here. Guy calls us a family and I think none of us could disagree.
I could see it when we went to an exhibition on how humans went from inefficient large cities to self sustained neighbourhoods this week. We made it a day trip and all of us prepared everything we needed for that day together without Guy having to ask much.
I’ve never felt so comfortable as here before and I still thank the day that Guy and the girls caught me at the themepark.

Day to day life here has also been organised by Guy so we all get to take a turn shopping and cooking with him while the rest does other household chores.
On my first turn to go shopping with Guy he officially introduced me to everyone. The people here are very friendly and I’ve come to love this neighbourhood.

I also found some friends at the park, Janine and Ju-Oh, who work as tour guides and taught me the job. The director already complimented me on doing a good job and how my presence has added an extra positive point to the experience by the visitors.
He said he’d talk with miss Thesa to see if it was possible to have a few more of us come over if we’d allow it. He’d like to set up a section related to our country adding not only entertainment but also a little education. I would love to see it happening.

Cani tells me she and the rest would like to thank you too for letting me stay. She accidentaly read the first line of this letter when she sat down behind me to hug me just now.
I believe I’ll let her get away with that for today.

all the best,


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