Modern warfare

‘Ready?’ Rasheed, the engineer, asked while double checking my explosive vest.
I nodded. ‘I’ve been wanting to see my family again for a while now. Time to put an end to this life.’
‘You’re in luck. It seems they haven’t yet found a way to detect these explosives and your target group contains high officers.’
I chuckled. ‘If I beat Frank with his suicide run on the command cruiser I’ll buy him a beer.’
Rasheed finished the check and shook my hand. ‘Good luck, and say hello to Frank from me when you see him. I’ll see you guys when I’m ready to go home.’
‘I will.’
Much later I cruised on my bike through the low hills behind enemy lines. They managed to drop me undetected and now I was headed for the enemy convoy inspecting the front lines. Intelligence had intercepted a message about several high level officers going around. When I heard I volunteered to take a run and bomb them.
I felt like returning to my family and leaving this war behind me for a while now. I’ve served too many years to remember, killed too many enemies to keep count, seen many men and women come and go. This time it’s me who will end it with a hopefully big bang.
Riding up a hill to take a peek confirmed the information. I saw five vehicles driving some way off. It didn’t look like they were escorted by aerial drones.
After calculating the point of interception I drove off keeping low between the hills. I should be able to take them by surprise.
A couple of minutes later I heard the low drone of the vehicles above the sound of my bike’s wheels going through the grass. My heartbeat accelerated from being nervous about ending this run well and getting to see my family again. Nothing would stop me.
And then I heard the buzzing of the drones.
‘Fuck!’ I said and looked around.
These were newer smaller models. It wouldn’t be long before they’d see me.
I accelerated, not trying to keep hidden anymore and aimed directly for the middle vehicle of the convoy. One of the drones went after me, the others quickly followed. They were fast. I went full throttle crashing through low bushes. I had to get to the vehicles before the drones intercepted me.
Buzzing became louder to the right of me. I saw the convoy leaving the road moving away from me. They’d try to increase the distance to give more time to the drones but would end up moving slower than my bike. As long as I could evade the drones I’d get them.
The drone to the right dove down at me. At the last moment I braked and swerved making it crash into the ground with a small explosion. I still heard more drones behind me.
This time I heard them coming from the left and right. I quickly tried to come up with a way to evade that when I saw a ditch in front of me. I slowed down a tiny bit to get them closer. Taking a quick look I could see them coming around to crash into me. I kept my eye on the one left of me until it got really close, then I dove into the ditch to the right. I felt and heard the explosions behind me.
If I could leave the ditch in one piece I’d have a real chance to get the convoy and it excited me.
A shallow side gave me the opportunity to leave the ditch and I could see the convoy in front of me. The escorting vehicles tried to create a barrier around the officer’s vehicle but they were too late. I crashed into the side of one and flew over it towards the target.
I could see their alien eyes through the windows as I pushed the fuse button.

A voice tried to reach me through the fog.
‘..einrich? Heinrich? ‘Can you hear me?’
I managed to move my hand to indicate I heard.
‘He’s okay. It will take a few minutes to wake up completely.’ the voice said.
‘How did I do?’ I whispered.
I heard him humming. ‘According to the latest info, your remote clone body managed to blow up three officers, one of which was the strategic mind of the enemy. We’ve been able to hit them hard and it looks like it won’t be long before we defeat them on Zotar.’
I grinned. ‘Looks like I’ll be buying Frank a beer tonight.’


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