Unexpected encounter *explicit*

The lights went out suddenly just as he was about to enter the storage room.
‘Is someone there?’ a girl’s voice said from inside.
‘Yes.’ he said as he opened the door. ‘I was looking around for useful stuff and food.’
‘Ah, so was I. But then the lights went out.’
He liked her voice, it was warm and sweet. ‘Probably a temporary cut. Should be back soon enough. Are you okay?’
‘Yes, although a little nervous about being in the dark.’
He heard her come closer from the sounds she made finding her way by touch.
‘Well, since I can’t go anywhere either, is it okay to stay together for now?’
‘Okay.’ she said and from the sound he figured she must be close.
‘I’m holding out my hand if you want to take it. I can lead us back to the door where I felt something like a couch. At least we can sit softly while waiting.’
‘I’m coming.’ she said and he felt her hand touching his.
Her fingers were warm and soft as they slid along his open hand. ‘Good sense of direction.’ he snickered. ‘Now to find that couch again.’
He led her back and found it soon enough. They settled back and sighed in relief.
‘And now we wait.’ he said.
‘Yes.’ she replied and at that moment the lights turned back on.
He looked at the white furred, long haired, floppy eared, blue eyed, fluffy tailed cat who sat across him. ‘Wow, cute…’ he said softly.
‘Nya!’ she said in surprise and jumped back. ‘Human!’
For a second he was confused, then understood. ‘Ah, wait! It’s okay, I’m not going to harm you!’
She didn’t listen and moved forward roaring and swiping with her claws. He leaned back to avoid the claws at the same time she tripped over her own feet and a second later she fell on top of him as he fell back on the floor. He rubbed his head where he bumped it but it wasn’t too bad. Looking down he saw her rubbing her nose.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked.
She nodded. ‘Yeah.’ Then she remembered what happened. ‘Ah!’ She wanted to get up but slipped with her hand and bumped her nose on his chest again. ‘Ow!’ she said, rubbing her nose and almost cried.
‘Careful.’ he said and held her close to prevent her from trying to get away and hurt herself again. ‘Calm down, I’m not going to do anything to you.’ He lifted up her chin gently. ‘Here, let me have a look.’ There was no sign of a nosebleed and he smiled. ‘Looks like your cute pink nose is okay.’
She blushed and looked away. ‘You’re not supposed to say such things to your enemy.’
He smiled embarrassed. ‘Sorry, but you’re just too cute to think of as an enemy.’
She pouted wagging her tail. ‘So how long are you going to keep me like this?’
‘Ah, ehmm. If possible and you don’t mind, I’d like to for a little while longer.’
She sighed and dropped her head back on his chest. ‘Just this once then.’
He smiled, ‘Thanks.’ and caressed her back. ‘I really love this feeling.’
She pouted more. ‘Whatever.’ But a few moments later he heard soft purring from her.’
‘Sounds like someone likes this.’
‘No I don’t!’ she said and hit him weakly on his chest but continued purring.
‘Hehe, okay then.’ he said and ran the tips of his fingers as far up and down her back as he could, making her moan a little. He wondered if he dared to move his fingers lower than her back and he just took the chance. Little by little his fingers moved a little further down her tushie each time he ran them down her back. He felt her move against his fingers when he reached underneath her tushie. She gripped his shirt tighter and rubbed her cheek against his chest. As he moved his finger tips upwards again he stroked gently between her buns and felt her tushie move up as she moaned. He never imagined he would have such an effect and enjoyed every second. He reached down her tushie again, but this time moved his fingers deeper between her buns, touching her tight ass and a wet pussy and she let out a stronger moan.
Seeing as there was no mistaking she enjoyed this he played with her ass and pussy, stroking them lovingly and massaging them to open them up more. When all was drenched in her juices he pushed his fingertips carefully in her ass and between her lips. She moaned louder and started to push herself against his fingers. Moving them in circles made her open up more and soon his fingers moved halfway inside her while she breathed heavily between her soft moans. He pushed her up gently so he could move his fingers gently all the way inside her. Moving them in circles and in and out made her moan louder and cling ever tighter to him. And then he felt her tighten around his fingers and cum with a long roaring moan.
Panting deeply she slumped all over him. His fingers stayed inside of her and he could feel her heartbeat through them. Gently he kissed the top of her muzzle. ‘This, I’d like to do more often.’
She looked up at him and kissed him. ‘I hate to admit I’d like that too.’
Their tongues wrapped around each other and he felt her hand sliding down his pants, stroking the painful hard-on he was sporting. ‘Want to try this now instead of your fingers?’
He nibbled on her lips, speaking softly in between. ‘I’d love to.’


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