I get on the highway. It’s empty at this time at night. The coolant temperature is normal now but I keep the speed at 100.
The oil pressure is still 1 bar above the pressure when it’s warm.
The music from Tool is preparing me for the ride. I can feel the urge to step on it being charged.
I see taillights ahead of me and gain on them slowly. A middle class car, sedan, two people inside. I signal ahead of time for my switch to left lane. Most people remember to do that only after they’re already halfway on it. That’s like saying “Watch out!” after someone has already tripped or bumped into something. Drivers are selfish.
I overtake the car slowly. I can sense the middle aged man looking at my car. Must be the low rumble from the exhausts making him curious to see what’s passing him.
I get back to the right lane when I see headlights coming closer in the rearview mirror. This one’s going faster.
I estimate him going between 140 and 150 when he passes me. It’s a popular standard station model with the standard alloys. Probably someone who workes in sales. I’ll surprise him soon as I see the bridge that marks the end of the reduced maximum speed.
I’m charged up as I pass the bridge, the music changes to the next song. The slow bass and drum riff build up with the rumble under the bonnet as I slolwy step down on the pedal. The torque from the V8 easily pulls me forward. No need to downshift as with puny 2 litre engines.
I gain speed fast. 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, I pass the dull stationwagon, probably making him wish he had a car that could do that, 210, 220.
Enough for now. The white from the broken line flashes quickly in the reflection on my window. The air whistles comfortably around the car. It sticks to the road like glue at this speed. There’s plenty more if I want to go all out but there’s no need.
I love driving at night. There’s this freedom you don’t have during the day, not to mention peak traffic. I prefer to take it slower then because everyone’s just pushing and getting stressed about being a minute late. Idiots.
There’s a lonely car ahead of me. I slow down a little moving to the left lane. The guard rail is like a blurry line next to me. I’d love to get really close to it but I know it’s not straight enough to drive along it at just a couple of centimetres.
I overtake the car in a slow bend, this time a coupé with all the bling. Seems I triggered a nerve because I see it coming closer. I guess he’s seen the Fast and Furious movies. He overtakes and I see the young guy in the passenger seat grinning at me. This time I think I can show off and downshift. Before he can fully enjoy getting ahead of me I pass him on his right giving him a loud roar from my back. I see him struggle but he’s just no match for this oldfashioned muscle.
I keep up this speed for a while relishing the whistle coming from the intake beneath the engine rumble. It’s feels like I’ve got the engine of an oiltanker powering my car, relentless, unlimited power.
Time to get off the highway to get onto another. I downshift and let the engine brake. By the time I reach the bend I go slow enough to not have to brake more. I step on the gas letting the car pull me into the right bend. It’s dry weather and I can hear the tires squeal. The pull keeps going for the 270 degrees turn, then a short straight and a bend to the left followed by a quick bend to the right and onto the highway again at almost 200.
I keep it at 220 again. There’s a low bump on the road making the car go up for a second but the wheels stick firmly onto the ground. The last stretch is just speeding between the lines until I get to where I go off again.
I turn down the music a little and go through the empty streets, rounding corners without needing to drift or slow down much. This car does 90 degrees bends for breakfast.
Home. I go through the last two narrow streets at almost idle revs and park it in front of my garage, giving it a little more time to settle down and enjoy the sound before shutting down.
I get out and stroke the roof. I love this monster of a car.


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