Real trucks

I prefer the trucks and cars from the 70’s and 80’s.

Their design feels like the designers were more personal about the looks and didn’t have to succumb to regulations, trends, aerodynamics and anything else that restricted their freedom. Of course there were limits, but it seems so much more decided by marketing nowadays.

Cars especially just started to look the same after the later 90’s. Same lines, same shape of the body. There was a time where you could make out the brand and type of car from a great distance. Now you have to read the badge up close to see what brand it is.

Trucks looked impressive and strong. They were made to haul cargo and drive on rough streets. The current trucks look like they have to stay inside when it rains.

So, thinking about this and needing to draw something because I needed to draw I did a quick one of my favorite, the DAF 3600 Spacecab.

DAF trucks 3600 Spacecab

Which also reminded me of the only(?) trucker series made in Europe; Auf Achse. I couldn’t wait until it was broadcasted.


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