Stuck in the middle

‘Mommy! Daddy’s on tv!’
Charon looked back at her daughter running into the kitchen.
‘Really? What is he doing?’
‘I don’t know. He’s sitting with other people.’
‘Are you sure it’s daddy?’
Her daughter nodded. ‘Yes! Come see!’
Charon felt curious now and followed her daughter into the livingroom to have a look. She looked at the screen as she reached for the remote and froze when she read “Hostage situation on the planetory elevator”.
‘Oh my god.’ she said and turned on the volume.
‘..unknown, but estimated at 30 terrorists. So far there has been no more communications with them other than the threat to blow the elevator car with all 958 passengers on board. Officials expect to hear demands from them soon as the news will spread on both planets.’ said the news anchor while camera footage was shown from inside one of the passenger cabins.
When the camera swung back Charon recognised her husband. ‘Franz!’ she said and got down on her knees in front of the tv touching it. ‘Oh no! No no no!’
‘Mommy? What’s wrong with daddy?’
‘Experts speculate that the terrorists might even be able to severely damage the elevator or even sever the connection if they managed to get an explosive strong enough on the car.’ said another anchor. ‘Either way the economic consequences would be devastating to both our planets. Suspending all travel right now is already going to cost millions.’
Charon took her daughter in her arms. ‘Daddy’s stuck on the elevator and it will probably be some time before they can go further to the other side.’
Her daughter looked up at her. ‘Is that bad?’
‘It could be, honey. It could be.’


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