Nurf looked up at the other side and the lights of the cities at the downside. He and his friend liked to lay down in the grass after dinner and see if they could spot something interesting between the clouds.
‘My brother told me how the world was created.’
‘How?’ Kalp asked.
‘Scientists think billions of turns ago there was only a big sort of disk of large rocks going around the sun. Then a comet came and hit one of the rocks in the centre and a huge explosion pushed everything to the outside.’
‘Then all the rocks slowly drifted together and became one big ring of molten rock.’
‘Rocks don’t melt.’
‘They do. It’s like the stuff coming out of vulcanoes.’
‘Oh. Okay.’
‘There had to be a lot of rocks too, my brother said, for it to happen. They think there were a lot more rocks that floated to the
ring and crashed into it.’
‘Like shooting stars?’
‘I guess so. Eventually the surface of the ring cooled down and it became hard and life started as tiny things.’
‘But, my brother said some people believe aliens created a huge space station ring and when the aliens died out or went away robots
kept collecting asteroids and the space station became buried under all that rock until that too started to melt from the pressure and became our world.’
‘That would be even cooler. Imagine going to the centre and finding that space station inside.’
After a little while Kalp pointed a little to the right. ‘Look, a shooting star.’
Nurf watched the thin line at the downside wanting to become an astronaut and fly through space.


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