Small miracle 01

‘Why the sad look?’
Mouse looked at the little plump girl sitting on the window ledge. ‘What?’
The little girl fluttered her wings once and leaned closer. ‘Why the sad look on your face?’ she asked the grey wolf plush lying on the bed.
‘You’re talking to me?’
‘Who else?’
‘You can hear me?’
‘You, how? I can’t speak!’
‘I’m a fairy. A plush fairy to be precise.’ the girl said and smiled. ‘I can hear yours, or any other plush’s voice.’
‘How else can we have this conversation?’
Mouse pondered for a moment. ‘Right.’
‘So, care to tell me why you’re looking sad?’
‘I’m not really..’
‘I can see it. Just like I can hear you. Something’s on your mind, worrying you.’
Mouse sighed. ‘It’s my owner.’
‘Oh? Has he been treating you bad!? I can curse him if you want to.’
‘No! Nothing like that! It’s just that he’s been feeling really bad for some time now.’
‘Why that?’
‘He writes children’s stories for a monthy magazine but the new owner wants to change everything. She wants him to write stories that will make children buy the stuff they advertise. He just wants to entertain children, and their parents. Not get them to spend money on cheap toys.’
‘I see.’
‘I see him come home every day feeling stressed and telling me how much he’d like to quit and write about anything to make his readers just have fun. And I can’t do anything for him. I want to hug him and take his worries away and let him know he can do what he
wants to do because I’ll support him any way I can.’
The fairy laid down on her side and smirked. ‘You love him, don’t you?’
If she could blush Mouse would have done so.
‘Never mind, I can see it.’
‘He must be special to you.’
Mouse stayed silent for a while. ‘He saved me when I was thrown away.’
The fairy waited for Mouse to continue.
‘I was bought as a gift for a young girl years ago. She didn’t really care for me or any other gifts she got because she used to leave anything where she was after getting bored. She experimented with mud and water and even fire on us. I and other toys spend nights out in the rain or worse weather until a maid collected us and put us back in the toys room.
Eventually I ended up in bad shape, enough for her to throw me next to the garbage container when she became older. I knew it would be the end but then he came along and found me.’
Mouse thought about that moment for a while. ‘I remember him looking around, then stroking my head and asking what terrible person threw me away. He picked me up and took me home where he patched me up as best as he could.’
The fairy looked at the parts that had been crudely sawn together and fixed with other pieces of cloth. ‘Yeah, I can see that. I’ve
not seen much worse before. I’d smack him for that.’
‘No! He knew he wasn’t any good but he still fixed me when others said it was a waste. He saved me more than I could repay him.’
The fairy smiled.
‘So now I want to be here for him any way I can, but I just can’t..’
‘What if I said I will grant you your wish?’
‘You will!?’
The fairy nodded. ‘But, it might make you become a freak in this world.’
‘I don’t care!’ replied Mouse at once. ‘If I can make him happy I’ll do anything!’
The fairy stood up and stretched. ‘Very well, I’ll see what I can do.’
‘Thank you.’ Mouse said as the fairy flew away.

Later that day Piedro, her owner, came home and dropped down on his bed feeling tired. ‘Why do people always want to squeeze the last drop out of everything? They said my readers liked my stories less and blame it on me, while they liked them a lot before I had to pander to the advertisers.’
He pulled her close and stroked her coat. ‘I just want out.’
Mouse watched him fall asleep and wished she could wrap him up in her arms.

She woke up suddenly. “What just happened?” she thought as she realised she had somehow lost part of the night and it scared her.
She saw his sleeping face and crawled closer to him feeling a little better. ‘You always protect me.’ she whispered and fell asleep again.
When he woke up he felt like he never had such a fulfilling sleep ever before. He smiled sleepily and hugged his warm plush tighter. She let out a soft moan and he stroked her fur. Then something started nagging on the back of his mind. The feeling of his plush was different, it felt warmer, softer, like real fur. Figuring he must still be dreaming he let his fingers explore this good feeling further.
Mouse woke up again from his touch and felt her skin tingle under his fingers. She pressed herself closer to him.
‘Thank you.’ she whispered.
‘No, thank you.’ he whispered, then opened his eyes. ‘Did you just speak?’
She looked up at him. ‘Did I? You heard me?’
He looked closer at her. ‘Wait, who are you?’
She pushed herself up on one arm. ‘I am Mouse, your plush.’
He looked at her, rubbed his eyes and looked again. ‘I must still be dreaming.’
Mouse sat up and looked at what used to be her paws, but now shaped like hands. ‘I am no longer plush?’
‘I need to wake up before I go really mad.’ he said and went to the bathroom to hold his head under the cold water.
When he came back he sat on the bed again. ‘It must be bad. You’re still here.’
She nodded. ‘It must’ve been the fairy.’
‘What fairy?’
‘I got a visit from the plush fairy and she said she’d grant me a wish.’
‘Plush fairy? Maybe I’ve been writing too many stories..’
‘It’s real!’ she said and pounced him. ‘She really came and now I’m alive!’
He looked at her. ‘It’s so unbelievable..’
‘Or does this make you unhappy with me?’ she said looking down.
He carefully stroked her hands. ‘I’m just so surprised. It’s straight from a fairy tale.’
She looked back at him.
‘I’ve always been happy with you, this is something new I’d have to get used to.’
‘So, it’s okay for me to be like this?’
He smiled. ‘Yeah.’
She hugged him tightly. ‘Thank you.’
He stroked her back. ‘I guess we just started our own story.’

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