Out of time

I’m forty-two.
According to my timeline.
Looking at the timeline of the world I should be seventy-seven.
How can that be, you ask? I must be suffering from a brain disorder which affects my sense of time, you say. I would believe you, were it not for some inconsistencies I found in recent years.

The first time I noticed something was off was when I found a copy of an old comedy show making fun of celebrities. They were doing a sketch about the birth of one of the princes from the royal family. It was fun to see it again until I realised that prince is currently older than me.
So, common sense woould say I mixed up the birth of another prince in that family. But then I found the picture of my class with a big sign we made to congratulate the royal family. I was in there. 10 years old.
Another strange thing was while I read through the history of presidents from one of our allied countries for some fact finding. Counting from the first president I’ve seen on tv until now I calculated a difference of twelve years. There have been at least three terms in office more than the time I went from elementary school to this moment.
Counting the length of the wars I’ve seen started turned up seven years that seem to be buried somehwere between the other years up until now.
Friends and family have aged faster than me. When I talk with them about things we did in the past and subtly mention how strange it seems that we had those moments when they couldn’t have existed according our current difference in age they just shrug it off. To them it’s normal enough and they can’t even think about it.
I checked the library about disorders which make you lose short or long time memory, or create false memories, but it’s hard to believe I suffer from something like that when I have a couple of pieces of evidence like that school picture and notes over the years related to world events.
In the past year things have gotten worse. At first the months went by fast but at the moment even weeks have passed before I even notice them. I’ve barely started on a project and the day’s almost over. I had to do something.

I decided to see if there was some way to test the flow of time on me and on the world. I remembered an old pocket watch I once got from my grandfather and digged through my old stuff to find it. I started keeping it on me and found out it runs much longer than it should without winding it. Same with my mobile phone. Leaving it on the other side of the house meant the battery lasted less long as when I kept it in my pocket.
I searched for clues that this was happening to others too. I noticed similar thoughts in biographies of artists, actors, writers.
Even going through support forums for people with mental disorders turn up an event or two. I knew I was not the only one this was happening to and felt thrilled.

But it seemed I also attracted the attention of those that want to keep this sort of thing secret. I noticed subtle changes in my surrounings. A car that looked out of place somehow. The feeling someone had been in my home while I was at work. Small things that disappear, then re-appear somewhere else.
I decided to take all the evidence I had along with a blood sample and hide it. Then I wrote a letter with explanation and instructions to find the box I used to a postbox I opened abroad. If I don’t collect it it’ll be forwarded to a reporter for a small newspaper in a year. That reporter covered more strange things going on before so he wouldn’t dismiss my story as bullshit right away.

I came in contact with an older man before while I was going through libraries and I’m going to meet him now on the other side of the country. He told me to keep my watch with me and keep an eye on it. If it starts to run really slow I should get out of wherever I am. It would indicate someone, or something, causing this drift in time is close.
When we meet up we’re going to check out a couple more people who have similar questions. Hopefully together we can find out what’s going on with the world around us.


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