Found a little history

While unpacking some of the boxes that were still stored from the move a couple of years ago I found a little jewel, so to speak.

A bundled collection of Kijk magazine from the years 1944 and 1945. I have no idea how old the book itself is but these Kijk magazines were originally published in the Netherlands by the American ministry of information (or something like that).
It’s fun to see the articles about industry and science from those days and think about how far we’ve come.
One more historical item was a copy of the Eindhovensche en Meierijsche courant from 28th of June 1941 in the book.
To read about the politics then and know what has happened after is just a little bit unsettling. But that’s not unique in our history.

To see these things in still good shape after all these years (especially the 74 years old newspaper) tells me paper is still the best medium to get that feeling of having a genuine part of history in your hands (in the case of literature).
There is just something about old paper that makes me curious. Or maybe it’s because I still have old Donald Ducks and Tom Poes books form the 60’s and 70’s that I used to read as a kid and it’s nostalgic. :-)










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