High rise 01

One idea for translating a common European neighbourhood into a high rise building.
The things I had in mind were providing each home with a private open air area and try to lessen noise travelling from one home to the next.

To maximize the available space each floor has four square homes formed into a cross. The next floor is rotated 45 degrees, then the next is straight, etc.
The roofs of the floor below are insulated enough to function as the open area for the floor above. This area can be accessed through large glass sliding doors at the side. The area is surrounded by a railing and the opposite wall is solid to keep the open areas private.
The home has a glass front which means the viewing angle (V) is more than 180 degrees lessening any claustrophobic feeling.

Galleries (G) provide entrance to each home and connect the floors with stairs and two elevator shafts.

The lower floors can be used for commercial use like shops, restaurants, small offices.
Parking would be several floor underground.


The construction isn’t limited to four homes per floor, there can be more but to provide each home with a large enough open space the individual homes will have to be seperated by some distance. Otherwise with a floor of six or more homes the angle between them becomes too small and people only have a narrow triangular open area left.


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