Raka felt the snowstorm getting worse. It was not without expectation so she didn’t worry too much while she pulled the sled with supplies back home. She felt relieved though when she reached the entrance to the small factory where she had lived for the last couple of months. The overhang above a side door sheltered it mostly from the snow and she could easily get in and out there.
Just before she closed the door after getting the sled inside she heard the wind picking up. Glad that she was inside again she moved through the corridor, the scraping sound of the sled on the stone floor echoing everywhere. Exiting the corridor she entered the factory floor which was warmed slightly by geothermal heating. She left the sled next to the cabin she made her home. Most of the desks were moved outside as they had no use. Instead she had build racks of shelves on which she stored supplies and had made one comfortable corner with a bed and easy chair.
Inside she lit several candles which would keep the cabin warm enough without needing to spend fuel on the heater. That one was only for emergencies. She unloaded the food from the sled and sorted it on the shelves.
Thanks to everything freezing over in a short time there was a lot of fruit and vegetables available in the stores beside the usual canned goods. She kept those in a storage room behind the cabin where the temperature stayed below zero.

Last thing she unpacked was a box of books. On the way back from raiding the local supermarkt she had stopped at a bookstore to get some new books. Looking at the collection she grabbed a horror novel, took a bag of candy and snuggled up in the chair.
These moments were why she decided to stay behind while the rest of the city fled to warmer regions after the shift in Earth’s axis. She saw it would be difficult to feed the entire population with farmlands being destroid so she chose to stay put where she calculated she could live off the stores left behind for long enough to set up a glass house or something to grow her own food.
She did feel bad for mankind, but she didn’t want to experience the crisis that was to come. And she didn’t mind being alone as long as she had something to read.


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