Dystopian utopia

So, what happened?
I’ll tell you. Everyone got civilized.
A few exceptions exists, but eventually everyone got infected by common sense and acted accordingly.

People got tired of violence by the tiny minority, ignoring their attempts to sollicit a violent reaction to their murdering of innocent people. At the last hostage situation the hostages themselves just walked out, even after two got shot. The terrorists were arrested with no resistance, dumbfounded by their inability to strike terror.
People refused to follow insane rules pushed on them by governments who only had their own interests in mind. The “think of the children” excuse they used to invade people’s lives got shot down. People got accepted for who they were and if they had certain urges there were options to satisfy them harmlessly without feeling persecuted.
Basically, people accepted their flaws and those of others and just continued on with their lives.
Only the extreme cases who couldn’t find satisfaction in virtual murder, rape, destruction, were kept seperate from the rest of the world.

People also stopped striving for unnecessary wealth. They understood that having a large bank account or a lot of houses and cars didn’t make things better than sitting in a comfortable chair with a snack and a drink. Those who wanted could still get their unique cars, houses and boats because like paintings, books and music, there were people who enjoyed creating them.
Money was replaced by skills. You needed something, you traded your skills until someone had what you looked for.

Small neighbourhoods were formed. These were usually a couple of high rises surrounded by nature and vertical farms close by. Fusion energy made transportation cheap so anyone wanting a change could travel to sunny or snowy parts of the world.
People relied on each other. Nobody was left alone. Those that wanted solitude could find a place in a nice piece of nature without having to abandon modern technology.
In a few years wildlife returned mostly to what it had been during the middle ages.

People got satisfied with their lives. They just wanted peace. Their entertainment was enjoying the work they liked to do and being around others close to them. The days of being stuck in front of televisions and internet were gone.
I had no more stories to tell. The adventures that drew crowds to cinemas were no longer having that effect. They didn’t want to feel that savage urge anymore and they rejected any kind of conflict. I had nothing more to give humanity.

Now I just spend my remaining time sitting and looking at the sky.


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