Truck nostalgia

While unpacking the last boxes I realised how many truck magazines I had. Truckstar, Transporama and the Trucker magazine were my favorites at the time. (No, I thought the topless ladies in Trucker magazine were actually distracting from the testosterone inducing trucks.)

My interest in trucks began when I was still in school and especially when DAF started entering the first Turbotwin into the Paris-Dakar rally.
By that time I’d already witnessed the double headed Paris-Dakar truck and the “Bull” passing by the apartment leaving the DAF Trucks terrain.
I even had a private visit with the “Bull” courtesy of my father and it felt awesome to sit in that monster of a machine.

To me the most bad ass truck ever is the first DAF Turbotwin. The descendents Turbotwin II and X1/X2 (which might even be the first and only truck to ever win the overall Paris-Dakar challenge, were it not for the fatal crash of X2) were more famous, but the groundwork was laid out by the first custom build rally truck in the world. It was the first to start scaring the shit out of opponents.

The most bas ass moment in motoring history would be the Turbotwin X1 taking over world champion Ari in his Peugeot at an estimated 180 kmph (search for it).

Too bad organisations nowadays want to keep things safe, otherwise things would still be interesting in rally challenges and other motor sports.

I wish I could get some time driving one of the Turbotwins in the sand.


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