Future home

I got the idea seeing the small animation of a three by three side cube in Windows 95. Can’t remember what check had the animation but because it had light blue corner blocks it made me think of glass parts of a cube building.

Since then I kept thinking of designing a three story home like that for myself.


The building is a nine metre cube above ground, one full size floor acts as a cellar. The framework and interior is wood and the outer walls are red brick (although wood like teak is an option).
All corners have glass sliding doors, the roof includes glass corners.

All floors are completely open inside.
Bottom floor is general purpose, can be used as a study, hobby room, etcetera.
Second floor is for the kitchen and bathroom, top floor is living and bedroom.
When the weather’s nice all corner doors are opened to let the breeze flow through and if it’s too warm the glass roof corners can be covered with a white screen.
During those warm days cooler air from the cellar floor can be pumped upstairs by a ventilation system.
And then there’s also the roof terrace as a place to relax.

As an option for getting outside light on the second floor I could add three equally spaced full height vertical windows at each corner wall. That might not break the building form too much.

Now all I need is to get famous and make enough money to build it. Donations are appreciated. :-)


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