portrait 01 (explicit?)

Felt like drawing a nude portrait like I used to do more often.
I started practicing when I was a teen with Playboy and Penthouse magazines I had, trying to get that “real” feeling. It taught me how difficult it is to get expressions right.
What I always looked for in a photo was the feeling of the eyes. It’s the first thing that attracts me to women so when it was interesting I wanted to watch it and draw it.
It also made me realise I like natural way more than skinny and silicone.

Done on A4 paper with just a simple H pencil in 1-1.5 hours.


Scanning also taught me it looks better if I draw on A3 size and it’ll never look as good as the original analog drawing.


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Science fiction, fantasy, furry, horror stories, drawings and ideas, tech ramblings
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