Gila re-assembled her gun after cleaning it and put it in the inside pocket of her jacket. She turned off the radio, put on her boots, took the jacket and went out the door to her appointment.
She waved quickly to the old landlady as she passed outside her window. It just started to rain again when she turned the corner at the end of the street and soon the wet street and sidewalks reflected headlights, streetlights, windows, and shop signs as if a rainbow drank every coctail ever invented and vomited all the way back home.
She followed the street along the inner docks where private and small business owners kept their boats. Businesses here sold anything having to do with the sea, from fish and diving equipment to cheap artwork and expensive antiques. Her destination was a bit farther, at an old bar named Jantje’s Plezier. She would meet her contact there for a delivery job.
She let an older couple walk out before heading in, looked around the dimly lit interiour and found the young man in oldfashioned clothes sitting at a table at the side.
She stepped up to him after he nodded at her and gestured at the barman for a beer before sitting down.
‘How are you doing?’ he asked inbetween sipping from his whiskey.
‘Doing okay, Luis. Can’t complain about lack of work. You?’
‘As you can see, can’t complain either.’
The barman brought her her beer and Luis ordered another whiskey.
‘So what do you need?’ she asked.
‘I’m doing a friend a favour. He’s got some documents that are of interest to the people in the defense industry, especialy those building submarines. He doesn’t know anybody who could sell or transport these so he asked me. I know someone willing to sell so I wanted to ask if you could deliver.’
The barman brought the whiskey and Luis looked around casually.
‘Sure.’ she said. ‘I haven’t got anything planned for the next couple of weeks. You know my rate.’
He nodded. ‘Thanks. I’ll have it ready for pick-up at Norman’s bookshop.’
They continued with some small talk until she checked the time and they left the bar going their seperate ways.
The next day she went around town, checking out the smaller shops for interesting things while keeping an eye out for anyone possible tailing her. At the end of the day she was convinced enough Luis hadn’t been followed and had caused her to be tagged for surveillance.
Back home she made herself comfortable in her chair and enjoyed a good movie with a bottle of wine. The next day she visited a couple of bookshops before walking into Norman’s. She looked through the collection of thrillers, horrors, and secondhand books, moving along the small aisles between the wooden book cases. She took a couple to the counter where Norman sat reading his book. She thought he looked too steretypical for this kind of work with his slender figure and thinning grey hair.
He checked the book titles and looked up at her over his reading glasses. ‘How about this one?’ he asked picking a thriller about the navy from behind him. ‘Seems you might like this one as well.’
She took the book and read the cover. ‘Looks interesting. I’ll take it.’
He had just wrapped up the books when she gestured at the notebooks behind him. ‘Almost forgot, I also need a small notebook.’
He grabbed one and held it up. ‘This one?’
‘Yeah, that’ll do.’
‘Shall I wrap it up with the books?’
‘No need. I’ll just take it like that.’ she said and put it in her jacket.
‘All right.’ he said as she paid him.
‘Have fun reading!’ he said as she left.
She dropped by the supermarket on her way home to get dinner and checked once more if she might have been tailed.
There was no sign of it and things were quiet on the way home until she had to wait at a crossover. The moment the lights went green for the cars the person sitting behind a motorcyclist grabbed her package and they drove off.
She yelled and ran after them for a moment, then cursed and kicked a stack of empty crates to the ground.
‘Damned son of a bitches!’ she growled as she stomped back home and up the stairs.
‘They were tailng me and I never noticed!’ she said to herself while she started packing her bags. ‘Luis’ll kill me for sure.’
She went downstairs again and hailed a cab. It drove her to the train station where she boarded a train going south.
She dumped her bag on the luggage rack and sat down, sulking while looking out the window.
‘I guess things went well?’ the woman in front of her asked, not taking her eyes off the magazine in her hand.
‘Yeah, you can tell Luis I’ll be meeting his client in a couple of days with the contents of the notebook. And I better hope they won’t find out soon that what they got in the package is a fake.’
‘He thinks it’ll take a couple of months for them to realise the bits they managed to decrypt from the datacard in the book are useless. By then they have bigger problems to deal with than chase after us.’ she said and stood up to get out at the next station. ‘Enjoy your trip.’
‘Already do.’ Gila said with a devious grin.


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