Early morning, the sun has yet to appear over the horizon. Cloudy day, nothing new here. Just like the wind and unending drizzle.
I listen, smell. Nothing but sea around me, maybe ghosts of former inhabitants, some indiginous birds. My shadow from the flickering light behind me fades away. Love the feeling of alone.
Back inside, steel door secured. Protection from extreme weather seasons. Almost always some excitement on this planet.
Planetary grid is alive and well, add my green status to the daily checklist of operators. Never seen any of them, none of us are interested in it. Makes for the right sort for this job.
Location of vessels checked. No change in ages. Probably never will until either of us has gone extinct from natural causes. Wonder if those aliens would even enjoy gaining this solar system after humanity trashed it. Maybe it’s the same in their system and we’d think it sucks to get theirs.
Morning routine done. The sound of the wind is comforting. A book, food, comfortable couch and pillows. Let the aliens stay right where they are.


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Science fiction, fantasy, furry, horror stories, drawings and ideas, tech ramblings
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