Idea for a dating/friendship app

Been seeing a lot of articles about dating lately, some of them about the apps used.
Made me think and get the feeling they all have the same approach, but not necessary the right one.
Most of the relationships started out close to home with introductions by friends or activities nearby. Why not enhance that first step?

How the app would work;
1) A person creates an account (well dùh) with info on likes and dislikes, hobbies, whatever. Optional are gender, orientation and what kind of relationship is persued.
2) The app contacts the server with location information, either automatically or by manual entry of an address. This communication can be enabled and disabled anytime.
3) The server looks up other members in a chosen radius, say from 10 to 1000 metres and returns an anonymous list. This list can be filtered by keywords, either from the side of the person or what the member sets as serch options on his/her profile.
4) If there is an interest in someone the anonymous profile of that member can be seen. If the person likes to come into contact with the other member an info request is sent, optinally with a message.
5) The app will notify the member of the info request with a link to the anonymous profile of the person.
6) The member can decline (optionally with a message, for example if the time is inconvenient), ignore or accept.
7) If accepted, each gets access to the full profile and the person can send a meeting request to the member.
8) The meeting request can also be declined with an optional message or accepted.
9) If accepted, the first step to a new friendship is taken, and maybe even a relationship.

Because the profile is open to any goal it can be used for dating, finding kindred spirits, starting a small flash mob, or maybe just finding a ride.
One can find the right person without having to introduce one’s self to every other person around. :-)


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