A favour

She moved slowly to the top of the dune on her hands and feet trying not to get burned by the hot sand. When she could look over the top she stayed still for a while scanning the area and letting the sand underneath her camouflage suit cool off in the bit of shade.
When she saw nothing out of the ordinary she laid down slowly, getting used to the remaining heat from the sand. She pulled up the sniper rifle she had bought the week before, checked the magazine and scope, took another good look around her, then checked the busstation a kilometer away through the scope.

Two weeks ago she got the message from the Jackal; find out who had been sent to assasinate him and clean it up.
She felt sweat coming down her face but kept her focus on the station. She had wrapped up the rifle and put a shade above the lens of the scope to prevent reflections so she was confident she couldn’t be seen at this distance between the dried grass.
The Jackal was a bastard, but he had pulled her out of that brothel she was forced into as a little girl, learned her how to handle weapons and she felt the need to repay the debt.
Casually travelling to Leboa-Sako, she had snooped around a little and found him getting in and out of the headquarters of UFLL and APR. Seems he didn’t care what side he worked on as long as he got paid. She also liked to get paid, but she did keep to one side as long as it didn’t change its stance. He even helped other mercenaries with their schemes to pull a fast one on the faction’s jobs. The only background she managed to get was from a local taxidriver. He came in by plane, most likely from the USA, and suffers from malaria.
“Serves him right.” she thought as she saw the bus approaching in the distance.
After she aquired an informant in town she went to a locel arms dealer, a south American guy in horrible shirt, who at least could scrounge up some passable weapons. He was able to get her an AS50 and she didn’t want to know how. After that she found a secluded spot to get used to shooting it until she got a call from the informant he’d be taking a mission out in the desert near where she was. He saw him boarding a bus in town so she saw it as a great opportunity to ambush him.
“Borrowing” an old Datsun left out at a shed she drove quickly to the busstation where he would arrive and walked out into the desert unnoticed.

The bus turned off the road at the station, joining the others. It became hidden from view but she kept an eye on both sides of the station. She felt hot under her disguise, but at least the sand had cooled down enough and the disguise would be a little less warm than lying here out in the open sun without it.
People walked away from the station. One guy left by car but she hadn’t seen him yet. Doubt always bothered her but she was sure she hadn’t seen him leave yet.
Things became quiet after the bus had left for the next stop.
A quick breeze made some noise in the rusted carwreck a little down the dune. For a split second she wanted to look to make sure it wasn’t something else but kept her focus on the busstation instead.
There still was no movement for a minute until he finally emerged at the back. He had slung a machinegun over his shoulder. Looks like he came prepared for some heavy shooting.
She followed his path and was glad he was walking.
Wind speed was low, she aimed a little in front of him, fired, aimed once more and fired again.
She saw him sag down onto the ground through the scope. A quick look at the building revealed one man running to him, then stop and turn back.

No further movement was enough for her to crawl back down the dune and disappear. Even if he still lived it would be enough to take him out of the picture. The Jackal wouldn’t have to be bothered while he carried out his latest plan here.
She put her weapons in the car, sat behind the wheel and took a look at the maps. He had asked her to come to the old prison after she’d be done. Something about clearing a path for the people and containing the disease.


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