The minivan stopped at one of the garageboxes. The middle aged man got out, opened it, opened the back of the van and carried a large sack from it to the garage before closing the back again.
Inside the garage he turned on the light, locked the door behind him, dragged the sack behind the classic car he’s restoring and untied it.
‘Hello, my dear.’ he said as he let out a girl in her teens.
He left her on the floor while he took off his jacket and donned his coverall.
‘I know you’re not going to enjoy this, but just let it happen.’
The girl moaned and he moved back to her.
‘Wakey wakey.’ he said patting her cheek.
She opened her eyes, tried to get a sense of where she was, then realised the danger and moved back against the wall between a stack of tires and cardboard boxes.
He grinned at her. ‘Good morning princess.’
‘Let me go!’ she shouted and looked around for an escape.
‘Soory, can’t do that anymore.’
‘Let me go!’
He smiled. ‘Scream al you want, it’s quiet here.’
Her face turned serious. ‘So you like to be in control, eh?’
He was taken aback for a moment. ‘You’re not scared?’
She ran her hand through her black hair to get it out of her face. ‘I read about killers before.’
‘Heh. An expert.’
‘I just know a little more than average.’
‘Next you’ll tell me you’ve called the cops secretly.’
She shook her head. ‘No need.’
He laughed.
‘You think you can take me on alone?’
‘Well, there are ways to dealing with psychopaths, especialy those who target young girls. Their weakness is that they can’t get it up anymore, the wife isn’t interested anymore and gets it from somewhere else and their own kids think they’re useless crap.’
He stopped her talking by slapping her.
‘What do you know!? I’m still the master of the house bringing in the money!’
She carefully rubbed her cheek.
‘Call yourself the master? Even when the dog is pissing on your shoes?’
This time he punched her.
‘Thanks.’ she said wiping the blood from her nose.
‘You like it that much?’ he said smirking down on her.
‘No, but I got what I needed now.’ she said striking her bloody fingers on the floor behind her.
‘If you need it that bad I can beat you up as much as you’d like.’
‘This was enough.’ she said and showed him an evil smirk.
‘What are you looking like that for?’ he said and picked her up by her shirt. ‘You think you’re getting away now?’
‘I know I am, because you can’t.’
‘And what makes you think I can’t?’ he said preparing to hit her again.
She pointed down at the floor.
He looked and saw his feet covered in black. ‘What!?’ he said, stepping back and letting her go.
The black stretched, not letting go of his feet.
‘What is this!?’
It didn’t feel like a force pulled at his feet, but they did start to feel numb. He tripped and fell backwards.
‘What the fuck is this!?’ he shouted, trying to crawl back farther.
The black had no reflections but he thought he saw movement in it. He looked up at her. ‘What have you done you bitch!?’
She smirked at him. ‘Nothing. It’s just that my little friends living in the shadows get excited when they taste my blood.’
A couple of tiny red spots appeared in the black.
‘They don’t try to hurt me for it, and they don’t like my blood when I hurt myself.’
More red dots appeared and he froze, staring at them.
‘But if someone were to harm me, and my blood gets spilled on a shadow, that’s when they come.’
The black was still, but he saw movement and heard chittering all over it as it grew in size, crawling up his legs and arms.
‘No!’ he shouted trying to crawl away but his arms and legs gave way and he fell face forward on the black floor.
‘I like to give them a treat once in a while.’
She watched him as he screamed and his voice died down while the black consumed him.


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