Lucky shelter (explicit)

The rain had come down harder than I had expected.
I had hoped to reach the next settlement without getting wet but not long after I had set out from the last the sky clouded over and it had started to pour down.
I pondered about setting up my tent but I didn’t feel like going through the trouble and kept on walking, hoping to find shelter soon. Having heard stories about some mysterious animal lurking in these woods strengthened my resolve to keep on going.
When I saw a cabin down a shallow valley I felt lucky and headed into its direction.
Seeing the state of the cabin I wasn’t sure anybody lived here. The tatched roof was damaged, the door and window blinds had cracks and all around the plants went wild.
I called out once to make sure and when I got no reaction I carefully opened the door. Apart from the creacking of the door and floor I heard only water dripping. Once inside I dropped my backpack and checked the fireplace. Strangely it felt like it had been used. Looking around further it didn’t feel as dirty or dusty as I’d expect from an abandoned hut. Maybe others used it as temporary shelter.
A creack behind me startled me and I turned around quickly. Nobody there. I inhaled and let out my breath slowly to calm down. It must have come from the room at the side since I could hear water dripping there as well.
I moved to the room to have a look but as soon as I reached out to open the door a voice cried out ‘No! Don’t open!’
I stepped back in surprise, my heart once again trying to flee out the door, and tripped, landing between the couple of chairs against the wall.
‘I though nobody was here.’ I said. ‘I didn’t mean to intrude.’
‘Gomen.’ the voice said. ‘Are you okay?’
I picked myself up and checked for any painful spots. ‘No harm done, it seems.’
I sat down on one of the chairs. ‘It looked abandoned and I wanted to get some shelter from the rain. Do you mind if I stay until it gets better?’
‘If you promise not to come in here.’
I liked the warm sound of her voice, at least, it sounded female to me, and nodded. ‘I do.’ I said and my stomach grumbled.
I heard a giggle as I told my gut to shut up.
‘I haven’t been lucky enough to shoot anything today and I haven’t eaten much beyond a couple of apples since I left this morning.’ I said, going to my backpack and pulling out the rest of the apples I had. ‘Would you like one?’
‘Can I?’
‘Sure. I’ll leave it at the door.’ I said as I put one down in front of it.
As soon as I sat back on the floor on the blankets I had taken out I saw the apple was gone and heard her eating it.
‘I haven’t had these in a long time.’ she said.
I thought it was rude to inquire so I didn’t ask why. ‘Then I’ll offer the rest as payment for staying here.’
‘You don’t have to..’
‘I insist.’ I said and placed the other apples in front of her door. ‘I can get more at the next settlement probably, so it’s the least I can do for someone who gives me shelter.’
‘Arigato.’ she said and the apples were gone by the time I sat down on my blankets again.
‘Do you mind if I light a fire and dry my clothes?’ I said, realising I was still wearing them.
‘Go ahead.’ she said, chewing on another apple.
There was a small stack of firewood and I used it to light the fire. When the cabin warmed up I undressed down to my long undershorts and placed the clothing next to the fire to dry.
As I sat in front of the fire I started to feel comfortable and yawned. ‘I feel like I could sleep the whole day.’ I said, more to myself.
‘I don’t mind if you do,’
I turned back. ‘Ah, I don’t want to overstay my welcome.’
‘That’s okay, I don’t want to send you outside and feel unwanted.’
‘Arigato.’ I said and crawled between my blankets. ‘You’re very kind.’
It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep and somehow it felt more comfortable than I had ever slept. When I woke up I remembered dreaming about being comforted in their arms by someone warm and gentle. I stretched and noticed the rain had stopped but it had gotten dark.
‘Is it that late again?’
‘You slept all afternoon.’
‘Really? Damn.. Sorry.’
She giggled for a moment. ‘It’s okay, seems like you needed it.’
‘I’ve never felt so good in a long time.’ I said and noticed a small deer lying on the floor.
‘I thought you might like this for dinner.’
I looked at the small opening of the door. ‘Can I?’
I felt really glad to get some good meat without having to hunt for it. ‘You do eat it too? I mean, unless you only eat plants and fruit?’
‘I do. But I can eat later.’
‘No way.’ I said and got up. ‘I’ve got some great herbs and salt so let me make you the best I can.’
I stoked up the fire, skinned the deer and prepared part of the meat for storage and part for dinner. I also had some potatoes in my backpack and used them to create the richest dinner I could.
I placed a plate in front of her door and I could hear her enjoy her meal while I ate mine.
‘It’s really good.’ she said when we had finished eating.
‘Thank you for getting the deer. I’m impressed.’ I said surpressing my curiousity in how she got it without arrow wounds on its body.
‘I just wanted to thank you for giving me your last apples. For me ensnaring deer isn’t difficult.’
I yawned again because of my full stomach. ‘Once again I feel in your debt.’
‘I didn’t mean to-.’
I held up my hand. ‘No worries. I’m just glad to have met you.’
She was silent for a moment before she said a soft ‘Arigato.’
The rain came down again and I listened to it coming down on the roof and the dripping inside.
‘Do you have trouble repairing your roof?’
‘I can’t do it myself.’
‘I see.’ I said and tried not to pry any further.
‘My nanny lived here.’ she said and kept silent for a moment. ‘When she died I couldn’t leave this place, but I can’t fix much of it either.’
I nodded. ‘If there’s anything I can do.’
‘Arigato.’ she said and stayed silent.
I stretched and yawned once again.
‘Time to sleep.’ she said.
‘Hai.’ I said and made myself comfortable. ‘Good night, and thanks for everything.’
‘Thank you, sleep well.’ she said and I thought I saw movement behind the door before falling asleep again.

The next morning I felt refreshed and stretched before getting up. My clothing had dried and I dressed before going outside. Today looked like it would be sunny and I took a deep breath of the morning air. Looking back at the cabin roof I figured I could repair it enough to stop the leaking inside, so I went around to gather reeds, twigs and anything I thought I might need.
Fortunately there were tools and a small ladder sturdy enough to get on the roof so I could repair the damaged areas.
While I was busy with this I heard her at the front door.
‘Are you working on the roof?’ she asked.
‘I couldn’t leave you without making sure you’re keeping dry for a long while.’ I said, re-arranging bundles and adding extras.
‘You really don’t have to.’
‘Nonsense. How could I leave someone this kind without helping out as much as I can?’
‘But you don’t know me.’
‘I know enough.’
I heard a soft sniff coming from her. ‘Arigato.’ she said and closed the door.
I felt sorry for whatever her reason for being alone was and hoped to make her feel better a little at least.
When I had finished fixing the roof as best as I figured I re-attached the door and window blinds so they’d close properly. When that was done I felt quite proud of what I had accomplished.
I went back inside, put away the tools and refreshed myself.
‘You’ve done so much.’ she said.
‘I’ll just be glad when you won’t have to worry about leaking roofs or cold wind again.’
‘Will you stay tonight again?’
I looked outside to get an idea about the time. ‘It would help. I think it’s gotten late in the afternoon again.’
‘Then stay.’
‘I’ll make dinner again.’ I said and tended to the fireplace before she could protest.
During the time to make dinner and eating it I told a little about my time growing up and my travels because I wanted to see the world. She told me a couple of her stories growing up with her nanny here at the cabin.
By this time it had started raining gently again and I leaned back looking at the stars trough the window.
‘It’s really peaceful here.’
‘Hai.’ she said.
‘Makes me reluctant to leave tomorrow.’
She didn’t say anything, but I sensed she agreed.
‘I’m glad to have met you, even if I didn’t get to see you.’ I said.
‘..arigato.. I’m glad you came here.’
I listened to the rain falling on the roof and nature outside.
‘Can I touch you while it’s dark?’ she asked after a while.
I was a little surprised at the question but felt happy gaining her trust. ‘I can’t see anything if I put out the fire, so you don’t have to worry.’ I said but couldn’t help feeling more curious about her.
I doused the fire and moved closer to her room.
I heard her door opening further and the creaking of the floor as she came closer slowly.
‘Take my hand if you want to.’ I said while holding it out into her direction.
I could sense the warmth of her hand close to mine when a lightning flash lit the inside of the cabin.
I had never seen a creature like her. For a split second I saw a dark girl, long hair, and several hairy legs. She screamed and fled back into her room before I realised what was going on.
‘Was that really you?’ I asked eventually.
I heard her sobbing.
‘You’re not human?’
‘No.’ came out after a while.
I kept going over the image burned in my mind.
‘That’s why you never came out and showed yourself to others.’
‘My nanny said people would be afraid and try to kill me if they saw me. So I kept myself hidden here.’
I felt bad for her and bad for wanting to know how she really looked. Curiousity and wanting to comfort her made me get up and go to her door.
‘I’d like to see you.’
‘No!’ she said and pushed against the door. ‘I’m hideous!’
I placed my hand on the door. ‘I can’t tell unless I really see you. But for a moment I saw a gentle girl who sheltered and fed me when I had nothing much to offer.’
She was still sobbing.
I sat down with my back against the door. ‘I remember my mother telling me a story when I was little. A dragon slayer who wandered the land was asked to slay a dragon seen near a village. He set out going around the country in search of it but couldn’t find it. Then one day he heard someone crying on the other side of a wall of stones. She was looking for medicine to cure her mother but didn’t know what to use. He offered her help and climbed the wall only to see a dragon. She flew away seeing him before he could help her. He searched for her and when he found her again he talked her into trusting him to help her find what she needed.’
I leaned my head against the door. ‘Eventually they found what she needed to cure her mother’s wound and she flew back home. He let the village know there was no danger and went on with his job as hunter until he met another dragon. Before it came to a fight she recognised him as the one whom had met with her daughter. She showed her cured wound and he understood who she was. He asked her about her daughter and she told him her daughter kept talking about him and called for her. When they met again her mother left her daughter in his care. Much later his friends found out he had a dragon daughter when he told them what he had been up to all that time.’
It was silent at the other side of the door.
I sighed after a while, wishing I could have reassured her everything was fine.
‘You’re not afraid?’
I smiled a little. ‘I don’t even know what I should be afraid of. All I know is that I met a gentle creature and she made me curious about her.’
‘Even when she’s a monster?’ she asked after a while.
‘Who’s to say what a monster is? Even the most beautiful people in the world can be monsters inside. I try to judge by how someone treats others.’
It was silent for a while again when she suddenly opened the door and I fell on my back.
I looked up her in the little light there was from the moon. I saw a hint of her curves and her face looking down.
I slowly reached out my hand to her. ‘Touch me if you like.’
Reluctantly she touched my hand and I took hers in mine. The upper side of her hand felt furry and her fingers a little cold.
‘Your hands are cool.’ I said.
‘Gomen.’ she said and wanted to pull back but I held on to her.
‘I don’t mind.’ I said and pulled her a little closer.
Tears came down from her face again and I stood up without letting go of her hand.
‘Trust me?’ I asked, looking at her dark face.
She nodded and I wiped her tears from her cheeks.
I stepped back slowly, pulling her along into the light of the room.
She had long, dark hair, a tuft between her small breasts, dark skin and a human body down to her hips as far as I could see. Her legs were thick and hairy and as many as some spiders I had seen pictures of, just like the abdomen behind her.
‘I’m sorry I’m such a monster.’
I looked back at her face and saw a second pair of smaller eyes above her dark ones.
‘I’m not sure where to look because it’s just so new to me, but I do know I feel no fear nor disgust.’ I said and caressed her cheek. ‘In fact, I feel rather entranced.’
She smiled softly and cried again.
I hugged her and caressed her back until she stopped crying.
‘Gomen.’ she said, wiping the last tears from her eyes.
‘Don’t.’ I said. ‘There’s nothing to apologise for.’
We held and caressed each other until I started feeling sleepy and kissed her neck.
‘Ah.’ she said and I pulled back quickly.
‘Gomen! I just felt so comfortable and drowsy..’
She looked away but held onto me. ‘It, wasn’t bad.’
I smiled softly. ‘Would it be bad if I asked to sleep next to you?’
She looked at me for a moment, then away again. ‘You don’t mind?’
‘If you won’t.’
She gave a nod in the direction of her nest, a soft ball of silk as far as I could tell, and I lay on my back while she laid next to me, partially covering me with her fluffy legs.
I felt the same comfort as I had felt earlier in my dream and drifted into slumber quickly.

When I woke up I found her asleep on my shoulder. I stroked her dark red hair from her face and held my lips against her forehead trying to hold back my uforia.
Some time later she woke up, stretched, and looked up at me with her four black eyes. I caressed her cheek and she smiled, stroking my arm.
I watched for a while, then pulled down my head wanting to kiss her.
She hesitated for a second, then moved her head back and let me kiss her.
It felt both like an eternity and a short moment in time when I pulled back to look at her. She kept her eyes on me while she moved on top of me.
‘I don’t want to let go of this prey.’
I grinned. ‘Who says I’m the prey?’
‘Maybe you’re right.’ she said stretching once more and nuzzling my neck. ‘But I’m still not letting go.’
I kissed her neck and stroked her whole back while she rubbed her dark body against mine.
She breathed a little heavier as she looked at me again. ‘I feel weird.’
‘I feel I want to become one with you.’ I said, caressing her sides. ‘Even though I don’t know if we can.’
We kissed again and I let my hands explore her whole body. She leaned back and I caressed her breasts and dark red nipples until I pulled her up and kissed all over them. She felt the desire between her front legs and stroked between them, moaning gently.
I let my hands move down her fluffy legs, running my fingers through her fur and coaxing her to move up farther so I could kiss slowly down her body until I could run my tongue between her wet fingers.
She moved her hand away and I took my time exploring her intimately. She ran her fingers through my hair, grabbing my head as she reached her climax groaning like a wild animal.
She moved down slowly, keeping her body against mine, then kissed me passionately while rubbing her lower body against mine. When she pulled back we both panted hard.
‘I’ve never felt this way before.’ she said.
‘Humans do this when they like each other a lot.’
‘You’ve done this before?’
‘I hadn’t found the right woman to do this with.’ I said and smiled. ‘I guess you’re the right one.’
She looked at me for a moment, then kissed me gently. ‘Then we can do this more?’
‘Yes. And this.’ I said, guiding myself between her front legs and she instinctively moved against me to carefully lead me inside.
She moved up and down slowly to get used to this new feeling, then a little quicker. I pressed my hips against her wanting to reach deep inside her. She felt so hot I couldn’t hold back and climaxed soon with a grunt, making her quiver as she felt it inside her.
She pulled back to see what it looked like and let me find my strength again to continue.
We went on until we got so tired we fell asleep, slept for a long time, then did it again when we woke up until hunger distracted us enough.
After eating the rest of the deer I took her hand, leading her outside with me for the first time. I took a good, long look at her making her shy again.
‘Do you regret it now that you see me in full daylight?’ she asked.
I answered her by kissing her, then pulling her with me to take a stroll through the valley.


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