Gravity, time, space travel

We still couldn’t see it, but we managed to build the instruments to detect it, the dark side of the universe.

Not the kind that shows up in popular tales of science fiction, fantasy or horror, but the one involved with the physics of dark matter and energy.

As usual it started accidentally when an electrical and gravitational anomaly was detected during experiments with layered materials. Further experimentation showed that mass converts gravitational force into a before undetected energy radiating away from the mass. This energy then accumulates and partially converts to matter.
It’s this matter that had always been called dark matter.

When it also had been proved to be the cause for time and other waves to slow down the reason for the seemingly expansion of the universe had been found. In reality the distance wasn’t that high between objects in space, the perception through the dark matter was.

Ways to manipulate dark matter and energy were sought and in time a new engine was invented, the Path Maker.
Essentially it was a hollow cylinder with an anti-magnetic field converting dark matter in a large field on one side into energy to be thrusted out the other. By eliminating the resistance in front of a space craft the limit to maximum speed was lifted, faster than light was suddenly possible with powerful enough engines.

The next moment probes were sent to all neighbouring planets capable of sustaining life. And it was found. No intelligent life comparible to humans but anything from bacteria to new species of animals and plant-like life. A new race to colonise the stars had begun.

I’ll be landing soon to start my life on the colony the crew before ours built. Our task is to get a detailed look at the environment, see if we can adapt to it so we don’t end up like Orwell’s martians, then welcome the new inhabitants of this planet.


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