portrait 04 (explicit?)

Came across another photo with smooth curves I really wanted to draw. :-)

Doing this with more intent to realism makes me concious of some things I never really thought about.
Skin is much darker than it seems. Take a photo, convert it to greyscale and that suddenly looks darker than in colour. I’ve always avoided making things darker but using the whole scale from black to white brings more depth to the drawing.
The more detail, the more real it looks. With every little extra things come more and more to life. Which explains why pencils need to stay sharp and drawing on a larger scale is easier to make real.
And here I am trying to do the full body on A4 size. :-P

A preview:

Drawing with shades instead of “lines” always reminds me of one drawing lesson in school; take a black&white picture, turn it upside down, then draw it.

The final drawing (I’m not going to ruin it further :-P):


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2 Responses to portrait 04 (explicit?)

  1. Have you thought about trying a larger composition? If you’re interested in achieving more realism, you could also try drawing a smaller feature or object on the A4 size paper so that you can blow it up and focus on the small details.
    When I first began drawing, I was very interested in the idea of realism. Lately, I am finding that I want to bring my work somewhere between realism and a more dreamy idealism.

    I like your shading so far on this one.

    • scifurz says:

      I’ve done a few things on A3 paper, just never with the intent to realism, more for the simple enjoyment of experiencing the beauty of the female form. ;-)
      Same with some head-only portraits, I just wanted to find the essence of a beautiful face.
      Seeing how I either draw in my lazy chair or occasionally on the floor A4 size is easier to work with. But I expect I’ll do some A3 when I get back into my drawing rythm. It’s been years since I last drew more seriously.

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