Peace and quiet

For me it was about restoring order, you know?

The way things should be, in tune with nature, like it was for as long as life roamed around the planet.
Before we ruined it.

Mankind was like an infestation and the natural means to contain it had little effect. Diseases like flu, AIDS and Ebola were cut off before it could spread far enough. Even the return of a new strain of measles got stopped before it had an effect on the midwest of the United States. Just like a variant on the plague in Europe.

There were more of us who wanted a return to the quiet days when mankind was just one of the smaller species walking around the continents. We wanted to make the planet liveable again. To be able to go places and not have to see or hear from other people for ages. To be able to feel alone once again.

We got together on a hidden forum on the net. Most of us worked in fields like biology, engineering, chemistry. Some in IT, physics, astronomy and even a few bankers. We talked about secluded places we found that were hardly visited by people, discussed books, documentaries and movies about the end of the world and our own ideas of what it would be like.
Then we created several theories in each field on how mankind could be decimated. Environmental disasters, nuclear and chemical disasters caused by terrorist attacks, the world war that would follow, new diseases, psychologic blocking of reproducing.

I found a connection. First I created a few simple games combined with social apps for mobile phones. When that was popular enough I used the revenue to create a new soda based on special fruits and plants that became a hit in no time. The hidden effect of these ingredients was a decline in the drive to reproduce and a dulling of the immune system to a particular virus. A virus with a long incubation time that I had made through contacts at a military lab for biological weapons.
I had sent out people on business all over the continents after secretly infecting them, calculating it would take several weeks for the first effects to show up.

The forum became excited and anxious when it started. Some liked it, some were scared that it really happened, some never showed up. I kept my mouth shut.

I watch the sun set across my piece of land in former South Africa. Went here to avoid the nuclear fallout in the northern hemisphere. I enjoy the clean smell and relaxing sound of the wind.

I have no idea how many survived, the effect of the virus was higher than expected.
Maybe this time nature lend a helping hand.


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