Space ship design

Just read the article on showing some concept art for Dark Matter, the new series for Syfy.
The synopsis reminded me of Stargate Universe which is logical because Dark Matter is from the same team.

The feeling I got from seeing the designs was like it came from the 60’s or something.
It felt oldfashioned, too.. two dimensional.
Laser or something turrents on top and on the bottom of the crafts, but none on the sides? The galactic authority cruiser is the trope of an aircraft carrier in space. And I’m sure the space station is a rotating one as seen so many times.
I just feel it lacks creativity.

Or maybe I’m just too picky and jealous I can’t do better. :-)

Well, let’s see if I can come up with something.. (with the similar cheats on artificial gravity, space is like water, etc.)

The bridge:
Simply said, several swiveling chairs and a conference table inside a transparent structure inside a sphere where several projectors beam the view surrounding the space ship against the wall.
Alternatively, the sphere could be build from a whole bunch of small screens (to limit image loss if one breaks) which show the view outside.

The bridge, like all crew quarters lies at the centre of the ship as protection against radiation and high speed objects. A multitude of cameras provide the video that’s projected inside the sphere. This also gives us views outside of the visible range like infrared, gamma, etc. and partial zoom of a selected area.
Anything detected by sensors can be viewed while keeping the right orientation in relation to the direction of the ship.
The view for anyone on the bridge is no longer restricted to just the forward area or what the current selection is. For instance, it’s also possible to project a specific area at the side for the captain to watch while the pilot keeps his normal view forward.
(by the way, the pilot can also fly by stick, not only by keyboard)

The control room behind the bridge can also be build inside such a sphere.

The carrier:
No control tower sticking out to be a prime target.
Independent launch bays for fighter craft (why else would it be a carrier), limiting damage as much as possible.
Multiple turrets and missile launchers on front, back, sides, top and bottom for attack and defense in all directions.
Smaller military craft would be similar, just with more turrets and missiles.

The space station:
-coming up, not too happy about the first idea


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