Bear intentions (explicit)

*This original has been rewritten and is available as A Love Laid Bear on Amazon and Smashwords;

Apologies about the pun, I feel like writing erotica whenever I’m in a slump.

They did an unprovoked attack on me. Even though I had cut my home into a giant boulder far enough from them they still thought I had set a plague upon their village and came to kill me. They accused me of witchery because I have knowledge far beyond theirs and use it at home. I also have special black clothing that transforms at my command so it’s not quite a surprise they come to such a conclusion in a panic.
Still, I’d wish they’d come sooner before it turned into a mob.
‘Now, can I finally have a moment to summarise things?’ I said while pinning the chief and three more men at the end of some very sharp spikes from my sleeves. ‘People from your village have gotten seriously ill over the last weeks, your own medicines don’t work, so you think it has to be a curse. Then, since I’m the only other one you know that’s not your species you think I must be the one who placed it on you. Even though I never came anywhere close to your village. Am I correct so far?’ I said glaring at the chief.
He looked defiant but freightened back at me.
‘Well, the answer to that is obvious anyway.’ I said.
I looked around at the other men, all bear folk, from their weapons I’d say nothing more than farmers among them. They looked tired. Must have been worrying a lot lately.
I looked back at the chief. ‘I’m going to release you now. Then you are going to assign a couple of your men to repair the damage you’ve done to the fencing around my garden when you stormed my place. Tools are in the shed over there.’ I said pointing behind me. ‘Then while you do that I will gather some of the medicine you most likely never heard of in a couple of cases. When I’ve done that we will go back to your village and I’ll have a look at the illness and see if I can make something to cure them. Any objections and I will end it all right now.’
I didn’t wait for a reaction because I knew he had no choice and went inside to gather a collection of herbs, fungi and tools.
When I came out I saw the men assigned to repair the fence examine the tools they’d never seen of such quality. ‘I expect it to be as good as it was when I come back.’
They nodded and started quickly.
I gestured at the two leather cases beside me. ‘Someone carry these. Let’s go.’
The chief ordered two men to carry one case and led the way back to the village.
‘So, how do they look? What sort of pain?’ I asked the chief.
‘They all feel very hot. Pain all over their body. Very thirsty but don’t eat well. They loast a lot of weight.’
‘Who are infected?’
‘Most of the wives. Including mine. Can you really cure them?’
‘I don’t know. But I have a better chance than most.’ I said. ‘What have the wives been doing before thay got ill?’
The chief pondered for a few moments. ‘The usual things, tending the homes and gardens, gathering food in the forest while we tended the fields and cattle and hunted.’
‘Did they go somehwere new? Found something new?’
The chief shook his head. ‘I don’t think so. Nothing else has changed.’
I looked at the position of the sun. With any luck I’d get some time to investigate before the sun sets.
When we arrived at the village they led me to the first victim, an elderly female. She was breathing shallow and felt hot. Looks like the body was fighting something it could not quite defeat. Her pupils dilated slowly.
‘The others?’ I asked.
‘Same.’ the chief said and took me to visit them all, last his own wife.
She was concious enough to answer my questions about what they had done. The only thing that had been different was on one day they gathered food at a clearing next to the stream a little way off, and hadn’t seen any deer around which was normally the case. Thinking it might just be a clue I had the chief appoint a guide to take me there.
It was luckily not too far so there was still light enough to look around. I couldn’t find any poisenous plants or mushrooms they didn’t already know about. It didn’t look like it had been the food they found here.
I sat down at the stream to think and see if I might have overlooked something. “What would they have been doing all this time here?” I thought. “Come here, divide in groups, search for fruit, herbs, mushrooms, roots. Sit around, talk, eat, drink.”
Then it occured to me that they must have drank the water here. It’s a clear stream and they must have always done it but I had to make sure.
I slowly walked up the stream with my guide looking for anything that didn’t belong. It was at the edge of the clearing that he pointed at a rotten piece of a leg, wedged between two rocks.
‘Let’s look further upstream.’ I said.
Not much later he could already smell something foul. Following the direction of it we found several carcasses of rotten deer around the stream. Birds and insects were busy picking at them.
‘I think we’ve found the cause.’ I said.
‘Looks like a pack of predators went wild.’ said my guide. ‘There’s paw prints all over.’
‘The water has carried the toxins downstream where they drank it. Let’s go back to the village.’
When we got back I started picking the ingredients to create a mix that would help fight the bacteria and toxins they’d probably have ingested. I had them put the mix in a soup for the sick to hide the taste.
‘Now we have to wait and see if I got here in time to save them.’ I said and wound up the clock I had taken with me. “Feed them more soup when the short arrow reaches the bottom or the top of this dial.’ I said to the men who’d keep watch. ‘I’m going to sleep now. Nothing I can do unless their situation changes.’
‘There’s an empty hut next to mine. The one who used to live there alone died during a hunting accident in the cold season.’ said the chief.
‘Thank you.’
‘I’ll call my daughters to get it ready quickly.’ he said and went out.
I cleaned up my tools and packed my cases and followed the chief who came back to pick me up. There was light and noise inside the hut when we arrived from the girls tidying up the place.
‘There’s not much here but you should be able to sleep comfortably.’ the chief said as we walked in. ‘I also had some food set out for you in case you’re hungry.’
There was a small fire set up and a good variety of what they ate on a small table. I wasn’t distracted by the emergency now and started to get a better look at the bear folk.
They wore shoulder belts to carry weapons, tools and assorted items like washing cloths and brushes the chief’s daughters were using. They also seemed fond of necklaces with stones and predator teeth.
‘If you need anything more you can ask Hana and Kema.’ the chief said and they nodded. ‘I’ll go see that the next pot of soup gets ready.’
I put away my cases and took a quick look around. ‘Is there a bucket of water or something so I can freshen up?’
‘I’ll go get one.’ said the lighter brown and white one and stepped out.
I sat down on the floor at the table. ‘Are you Hana or Kema?’
‘Kema.’ she said, poking the fire and stashing the logs they had brought into the corner.
I took an apple to eat while waiting for Hana to come back. She placed it on top of a log the height of my waist.
‘Thanks.’ I said and let the upper part of my robe fall down my shoulders to wash the sweat from my face, arms and chest. I tried washing my back but found it was easier when it involved running water to swim in or stand under.
‘I’ll help.’ said Hana, made her hand-like paws wet and stroked them gently down my back.
Her soft paws felt great. ‘That feels really good, thank you.’
She carefully washed me and I wouldn’t have mind her doing this daily.
‘Can you really save our mother, and the others?’ asked Kema.
She fiddled a little with the food, plucking berries from the stems and placing them in a bowl. She had the same worried expression as Hana.
‘I hope so. I have some knowledge about things that probably no-one else has but I’m not all-knowing. I made a cure based on what I think has been the cause of the illness. But in the end it all depends on the healing power of their own bodies.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Don’t thank me yet. I haven’t saved anyone yet.’
To my surprise hugged Hana me from behind. ‘Still, you did this even though we were going to kill you.’
I forgot for a moment what was going on with the sensation of her soft furry bumps against my back and her arms around me.
‘Better than holding a grudge and letting innocent folk die.’
‘Ah!’ said Hana as she realised what she had done and let go. ‘Sorry.’
‘It’s okay.’ I said, regretting she let go so soon. ‘Thanks for doing my back.’
I ate a little more, then the girls left after making sure I had what I needed and I laid down on the bed. Falling asleep became a little difficult because I kept thinking of those girls.

It was barely morning when Kema woke me up.
‘What is it?’ I asked rubbing my eyes. ‘Is it getting worse?’
She shook her head smiling a little. ‘Some of them seem a little better already but we’d like you to take a look.’
‘Okay, hang on.’ I said, got up half asleep and stretched.
I saw Kema looking at me, then quickly away. I didn’t think anything of it until I took a step and realised the feeling in my crotch. ‘Shit.’ I said covering myself more. ‘That’s a natural thing in the morning. Not becuase you’re attractive or anything. Not that I mean you’re not attractive, you and Hana are for sure, it’s just something happening often when I wake up.’
She giggled and I let out a deep sigh. ‘Just let me splash some cold water in my face, then I’ll come with you.’

When I saw Kema’s mother she smiled a little at me. I asked her how she felt and it seemed she was more active than the day before. After visiting the others I told the chief I was pretty sure the cure worked and I’d make more to give to everyone for the next ten to twenty days.
Hana and Kema helped me mix and create portions of the cure to be used in the meals.
‘They don’t have to stick to eating soup, but soft food is best for now.’ I said. ‘Anyone feeling healty again should continue to use this for five days more to make sure it’s gone.’
When I was sure they could handle everything I got ready to leave.
‘I’ll be back in about ten days to see how everyone’s doing. But send for me if something happens.’ I told the chief just before I left.
I slipped out of the village but heard Hana calling for me soon after. I looked back to see her and Kema hurrying up to me.
‘We just wanted to thank you again for what you did.’ Hana said fiddling with her fingers, then hugged me quickly. ‘Sorry.’ she said as she let go.
‘No problem?’
‘Thank you.’ said Kema and hugged me as well.
The girls hurried back to the village waving and I slowly went back to walking home.

Ten days later I arrived at the village and saw a few females walking around already. When they saw me they greetedme happily and thanked me. The chief came out to greet me and presented his wife who was very grateful. After visiting the rest who were well on their way to getting better I sat down at the table in the chief’s hut.
‘Again, thank you for what you’ve done.’ the chief said, then Kema nudged him. ‘And, my apologies for attacking you for no reason.’
‘Well,’ I said nodding slightly. ‘that’s the other reason I came back. To settle that debt.’
The chief swallowed, remembering the quick defeat. ‘We owe you a lot.’
‘A matter of price and punishment.’
The chief’s wife moved a little closer against him, holding his hand. Hana and Kema looked worried at me.
‘These ten days gave me time to think about that, and I realised I want something bad enough to become selfish and evil over it.’
Things were silent until the chief spoke up. ‘You want my head or all our valuables?’
‘Actually, just two valuables, Hana and Kema.’
Their eyes went wide open.
‘You want what!?’ said the chief. ‘My daughters!?’
‘I do.’
He became angry. ‘Are you crazy!? Asking for my daughters!?’
I held up my hand. ‘Remember that you were the one who started the attack, and I saved the lives of your wife and others. And I didn’t ask, I want Hana and Kema to live with me in return.’
‘But, why!?’
‘To have them wash my back and cook for me every day, take care of me while I work, to teach them my knowledge so they can teach others.’ I said and placed a couple of tools on the table. ‘And to teach you how you can make the tools your men worked with to repair my fence and more.’
He looked confused at me.
‘I doubt I’ll ever have children of my own to teach the knowledge I have, so I will pass it onto your daughters and they can pass it onto others.’
‘Then we’re free to come back here?’ asked Hana.
‘So long as you come back home to me. I want the two of you around me.’ I said and stood up. ‘I’ll be waiting outside for you.’
I walked outside and felt a great burden lifted from me, but also nervous about what would happen next, and later.

After a while the chief came out with his family.
‘Will you promise not to hurt them?’ he asked.
‘I never had any intention to harm them.’ I said. ‘I couldn’t stand myself if I did.’
The chief sighed. ‘Fine then.’
His wife started crying a little and the girls hugged her.
‘Don’t worry mom.’ said Kema. ‘We’ll be fine.’
‘You heard him,’ said Hana. ‘We can come back any time.’
They let go and walked up to my sides, each holding out a paw. ‘We’re ready.’
I nodded and took their paws in my hands. ‘Make sure everyone completes their cure.’ I said to the chief and led the girls on the walk home.
The chief put his arm around his wife. ‘It’s going to be all right. Don’t be afraid.’
She shook her head. ‘I’m not afraid. It feels more like they’re going with their husband.’
He looked at her in surprise. ‘Now you’re making me afraid.’

They kept silent on the way so eventually I just had to ask. ‘Do you hate me now?’
‘Does it matter?’ asked Kema.
‘Of course it does. If you still hate me after I taught you what I know I don’t want to keep you from going back home.’
‘But it’s okay in the meantime?’
‘I want to make sure the knowledge goes to the right people and I feel I can trust you with it.’
Only the birds broke th silence.
‘I don’t hate you.’ said Hana. ‘I believe you’re a good man.’
‘I’m selfish, not good.’
‘You helped us.’
‘Yeah, but in return I wanted you.’
I used my robe to cut a couple of branches hanging in the way.
‘You didn’t know us when you offered to help.’ Kema said. ‘So when did you know?’
‘Perhaps when Hana washed and hugged you the first time?’
I felt myself blush at the memory.
‘Is that true?’ asked Hana.
‘It might have something to do with it.’
‘You did specifically mention it when you said why you wanted us.’ said Kema.
‘I, guess I did.’
Hana giggled and moved closer against me. ‘I don’t mind.’
‘He’s so cute.’ said Kema and moved closer as well.

By the time we arrived home it started to get darker. I lit the candles they’d never seen before and started preparing the evening meal. The girls helped right away and I showed them the knifes and oven I had made. That was enough to make them curious about what kind of cooking they could do.
After we ate we sat with my home made wine at a large opening I had made halfway up the boulder. It had a view down the shallow valley sparsely populated with trees.
‘It feels so strange, being here.’ said Hana.
‘You’ve never been outside the village?’ I asked.
She shook her head.
‘Except for a few who went on a long hunting party, nobody ever went away from the village.’ said Kema.
‘Then I’ll take you new places every now and then.’ I said.
‘I’d like that.’ said Hana and yawned.
‘Where do we sleep?’ asked Kema.
‘About that.’ I said and looked at the back of the room filled with large pllows. ‘I don’t have a room set aside for you and I would like to sleep with you anyway.’
‘Ehm, really?’
I nodded. ‘I really want to feel you next to me while we sleep. I did warn you I became evil.’
‘Naked?’ Hanna asked.
‘Yes. I want to feel your pure fur all over me.’
Kema looked at Hana.
They grinned.
Suddenly I felt a little nervous.
Kema leaned closer to me. ‘So, you want to have two girls sporting fangs and claws close to you?’
Hanna leaned closer now. ‘Two dangerous girls, very close to a naked you?’
Kema stroked her nose against my ear. ‘Two very dangerous, forced to be here girls, really close to a defenseless, naked you?’
Hanna moved her paw down my chest. ‘Two of the best hunting bear folk girls, really, really close to a weak human you?’
‘Yes.’ I said.
They looked at me. ‘You’re not afraid?’
‘I am nervous now, I forgot about how much stronger you are when I don’t wear my robe becuase I could only imagine the two of you next to me in the future.’
They snickered and leaned against me.
‘Maybe you’re not such a bad choice.’ Hana said. ‘You’re certainly nowhere near evil.’
‘Crap.’ I said. ‘I thought I had that covered.’
‘You’ve got interesting covered.’ said Kema and grinned.
‘I guess it’ll have to count for something good if it gets you to sleep with me.’ I said. stroking the side of their thighs. ‘And for the wine to have the right effect.’
They punched my arms but leaned back again.
We finished the wine and crawled between the pillows, I on my back and they tightly against me.
‘Good night cuties.’ I said. ‘I hope you’ll sleep well.’
‘Looks like at least you will.’ said Kema, poking the hard part of me.
‘Don’t blame the man surrounded by sexy temptation.’ I said.
‘Remember, deadly sexy temptation.’
‘Which makes it easier to resist.’ I said closing my eyes. ‘Although I doubt it’ll last for long.’

Their stirring woke me up in the morning.
‘Hey there.’ Kema said, stroking my face.
‘Hiya cutie.’I said smiling sleepily, then checked on Hana. ‘And sweetie.’
She smiled. ‘Looks like you were not afraid to go to sleep.’
‘There’s no way I could ever get nightmares from you girls.’
‘Such easy prey.’said Kema, stroking her claws slowly across my chest with a little grin. ‘But you’re lucky, nature calls.’
‘Ah, just go down, to the right there’s a double curtain.’ I said. ‘There’s a tap for water, and when you’re done, pull the lever behind you for six counts or so. I’ve created a system that flushes everything down to a special pond.’
‘Okay.’ she said and crawled slowly from the pillows giving me good view at her intimate parts.
She stood up, glanced back at me with a devious smile, then went down.
‘Looks like she made an impression.’
I looked at Hana who smiled. ‘I’ve learned about human anatomy. Didn’t think about yours until just now.’
‘Must have been good thoughts.’ she said poking me down there again.
‘My only desire had been to hold you tight and caress you all over whenever I could. Having felt you against me and triggering a natural instinct I’m even more torn apart.’
She stroked my chest. ‘So what do you want to do?’
I pulled her against me and kissed her before I realised it. Her initial surprise changed to going with the flow, holding me just as tight and letting me lead her into the new experience of passinate kissing.
I licked her lips gently and she gently opened up to me, meeting her tongue with mine, caressing each other and going deeper. I lost any concious control of myself, only desire to become one with her remained and we kissed and stroked like the worls didn’t exist.
Until I felt another arm stroking my side.
‘Attacking Hana while I was away?’ said Kema in my ear.
Hana and I pulled away to see Kema grinning. ‘Or was it my fault for teasing?’
Hana giggled. ‘It did trigger something.’ she said and pushed me against her. ‘You go learn something new now while I go down.’
She turned and gave me a good view of the moist fur between her legs. ‘Now you can attack her while thinking of this.’ she said and left giggling.
I almost didn’t dare to look at Kema but she moved on top of me. It felt like she wasn’t so much as teasing as wanting to join in when she asked ‘Teach me?’.
I caressed her muzzle and cheek, then gently placed my lips against hers. She closed her eyes and let me into her mouth, tasting her while stroking her fur.
When I felt Hana crawl up against me back I pulled back slowly.
‘Was that okay?’ I asked.
Kema nodded, touching my lips with one finger.
‘I hate to ruin the mood, but I have to go now.’
The girls laughed and pushed me out.
‘Go, and get back here quickly.’ Kema said.
‘And cleanly.’ said Hana.
When I had left the girls just stared at the ceiling.
‘Did we make a bad choice in going with him?’ Hana asked.
‘If this is bad, I think I wouldn’t mind worse.’
Hana let out a deep sigh after a while. ‘I’m no longer doubting wanting to stay with him.’
Kema let out a chuckle. ‘I wonder if father will ever approve of this.’
‘Oh, he’ll be going crazy wondering why we’d want someone like him instead of one of our own strapping folk.’
Kema nodded. ‘I almost wonder myself.’
Hana sat up. ‘Yeah, he’s not as strong.’
‘No means to defend himself in a fight.’
‘No fur to keep him warm.’
‘I’ll bet a squirrel would defeat him in a fight.’
The girls laughed but tried to stifle it when they saw me standing in the doorway.
‘I’ll have you know that I can beat squirrels.’ I said looking miffed. ‘Probably.’
Kema held out her paw to me, inviting me back. I crawled back and the girls moved tight against me.
‘We’re just kidding.’ Kema said. ‘You didn’t convince us with strength.’
‘If we wanted that we’d be mated already.’ Hana said stroking my hair.
‘You’re the first one we’re interested in.’
I blushed and felt victorious in a way. ‘I guess I beat all the males at your village.’
‘You already did that, remember?’
‘Oh right.’ I said, rememebering the first encounter. ‘Still, this win means a whole lot more than that time.’
‘And this is why you caught our attention.’ Hana said, cluthing her fingers with mine. ‘You don’t impress with strength but with kindness.’
‘I do?’
Kema nodded and nuzzled my neck. ‘Leave being strong to us.’
I pulled them tightly against me. ‘I want to feel and touch you constantly. To love you forever.’
Hana nuzzled my ear. ‘Really?’
‘Yeah.’ I said and gave both a kiss. ‘Would you let me?’
They nodded and I sat up on my knees, watching them lying on their sides, their paws in my hands. ‘I do feel a little nervous.’
They both squeezed my hands. ‘We do too.’ said Kema.
I leaned closer and kissed them longer this time, letting my hands move along their sides and thighs. Their fur felt soft and warm between my fingers. I sat up again and pushed them gently on their backs, taking a good look at their curves. Kema was a little bigger than Hana, making her look just a little bit more cuddly but the difference also made Hana look a little more innocently. Either way, I felt their cuteness was overwhelming.
I ran my fingers up their bellies, between their breasts up to caress their cheeks and ears. Their reaction of leaning into my fingers was the same. I went down again, following the curves of their breasts, stroking them gently, cupping them into my hands feeling their suppleness. I continued slowly down their bellies, then stroked slowly down their thighs to their feet.
They had firm hind paws for feet and I massaged their toes and in between them without tickling them. Their smiles and soft moans told me they liked it.
I went up slowly again with my fingertips across their legs, belly, chest and neck up to their cheeks and ears. I wanted to continue doing this forever so much. I went down again, caressing their breasts with my fingertips again, then searching and circling their nipples this time. They felt felt firm and poked through their fur and I leaned in, gently kissing and licking them one at a time. I sucked softly on one nipple while pulling softly on the others. The strokes on my backs confirmed I gave them pleasure.
I lowered my hands slowly down their bellies to caress their thighs, moving inside and they opened up their legs in response.
I stroked gently along the insides, moving just one finger softly along their lips until they both started to move their hips against my hands.
I placed my hands against their moist fur, moving the tip of my middle fingers between their lips, making them moan softly.
I had to guess but luckily their anatomy was similar to humans and massaging the little wet bump between their lips had the effect I hoped it had. Their moans and movement of their hips increased.
I pulled back from licking their nipples and watched them pant as I worked my wet fingers. I wanted to taste their juiices, crawled back and moved my tongue between between Kema’s lips.
She moaned ever harder and I poured all my passion into kissing, licking and sucking on her pink parts. I slipped one finger inside her, moving it slowly in circles, exploring her inside when I felt her tightning around me and moaning loudly.
She panted and stroked my hair.
I pulled out of her, moving my hand up and she took it in hers, squeezing it between her breasts.
I inserted my finger into Hana next, licking her lips and button. I loved her taste just as much as Kema’s, taking in every bit I could while massaging her inside.
I nibbled a little on her button, moving the tip of my tongue along it and soon I felt her squeeze my finger and push her hips harder against my mouth as she moaned loudly, then slumped back breathing heavily.
She too took my hand and held it tight between her breasts.
‘You really know magic.’ she said.
‘I just want to give you the best and make you desire me.’ I said. ‘Totally selfish.’
‘I guess we’ll have to punish you then.’ said Kema and sat up on her knees.
‘Come here.’ she said and pulled me with my back against her. ‘Hana, you go first.’
Hana straddled me and kissed me.
‘Your turn.’ she said. ‘We caught father and mother doing this once. I think you’ll like it too.’
I felt the tip of my dick burn as she guided me deep inside her while letting out a moan.
She panted as she looked me in the eyes. ‘How’s this?’
‘Paradise.’ I managed to say between breathing.
She kissed me and moved her hips slowly, letting me feel as if she sucked herd on me.
Kema stroked my sides while pressing her chest against me and Hana pressed her soft bumps against my chest while riding me taking me on a heavenly journey.
I could feel squeezing and pressing against me, slow but firm, extracting every ounce of desire out of me and it didn’t take long for me to burst inside of her, taking away my breath.
‘Damn..’ was all I could say, leaning back against Kema.
Hana kissed me. ‘Thet felt really good.’
I smiled softly. ‘It really did. Thank you.’
She smiled and kissed me again until my dick started to get hard again inside her.
‘Your turn Kema.’ Hana said, sliding slolwy off me. ‘He’s ready again.’
This time Hana sat behind me and Kema straddled me. She moaned a little as she slid herself around me.
‘So good..’ she panted and I concurred.
‘Again I ascend into paradise.’ I said, massaging Kema’s breasts.
‘Treat us like you’ve done so far, and we’ll give you plenty of paradise.’ Kema said between breaths.
‘I won’t ever be able to treat you otherwise. Only more.’ I said, feeling her stroke me tightly.
She pushed down firmly, pushing me as deep as possible inside her. ‘We’ll keep you to your word.’ she panted.
Her nipples and hot insides made me cum hard again and I breathed hard holding her tight.
‘I want to be with you girls so much right now.’ I said and pulled Kema on her back with Hana, then laid down on them. ‘If you won’t be my mates for the rest of life I don’t know what I’ll do.’
They smiled and pulled close.
‘We chose you, so you’d better satisfy us.’ Kema said.
We kissed and ended up falling asleep again.


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