writing aid (software idea)

Got the idea for a way to organise/visualise a (complex) plot after stumbling upon software to help you write.
Felt like none of it really did what I wanted to see in having a clear picture of the progression of plot and trying to avoid holes like suddenly missing characters, objects.
Probably works best as a strict top-down chart (Freemind has other uses, think more like Drakon and XKCD)
It must basically boil down to the essential bits, anything in detail is optional (like character’s features, location decoration) and can be added later as seperate lists or links to text, pictures, etc..

Thoughts so far (will likely change);

data (in seperate lists):
-characters (full timelines, no start or stop in the middle)
-locations (needs at least event or character)
-interactions (needs one or more locations and two or more characters)
-events (needs at least one location)
-objects (mostly mobile objects like the secret briefcase, demon posessed car, etc.)

y axis: time
x axis: characters
-group characters by single interaction
-events with location, possible character(s) and/or object(s)

-overview of linked objects (per character/object)

A setup made into an opendocument spreadsheet template (can’t upload the original opendocument version so the only choice is upload with .xls extention), rename it to storyboard.ots after download (and make sure file extensions aren’t hidden, dumb Windows default).


I recommending getting Libreoffice because it’s just more productive and stable than the MS one, only less shiny and I can’t tell you how happy I am with that.
(WordPress doesn’t delete media really permanently, a new upload of the file gets automatically renamed with an attached number..)

As an example I used it to fill in the Night life story so far;
(again, change the file extension from .xls to .ods if it looks weird)


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