Year one, thank you for your patience, everyone

Was rather surprised to see the message about having signed up here a year ago.
Then again not, since time has never really been slow for me. Years have flown by before I knew it and another new years party was coming up.
Even cutting down on the stress of work by taking wednesdays off didn’t result in slowing things down. I do feel a lot less tired though, I have one less day to get up in the morning without being able to get my second sleep later in the day. Being nocturnal sucks in this daytime world.
At least I’ve been able to spend some time writing anything that came to mind (I have a whole list of ideas that would keep me writing for a long time, and no, not just because I type slowly and have to fix typos constantly thank you very much).

I do hope we can get replacement for me in a couple of months. It’s not easy finding someone with the right knowledge and attitude towards IT but we’ve been talking to a likely candidate.
If he’s the one I can guide him and take more time off by next summer to spend writing and drawing. I’d like to start off trying self publishing short stories through Amazon, B&N, etc.. See if I can earn a simple living that way and not have to deal with !@#$!% Microsoft software ever again (the things they’re starting to do as of Windows 10 makes me not want to touch it with a ten foot pole. Fix it yourself, you’re on your own, baby).

Anyway, looking forward to write a lot more in the next year. Just the thought of spending more nights writing excites me (think Droopy).
And it should give me some decent time to visit all those who’ve visited and liked my posts. *waves* Thank you very much for visiting!

Now to get back to writing next chapters and ideas. I’ve already spend too much time reading technical discussions as usual..


About scifurz

Science fiction, fantasy, furry, horror stories, drawings and ideas, tech ramblings
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