Mother nature

A partially true story;

I loved the light and sound show. The clouds flashed in the night followed by the low thunder, lightning showed up occasionally. The temperature was warm and there was no rain so I laid down on the back of my car to look up at the flashing sky.
I thought about how old people always talked about the way mother nature expressed herself.
‘I understand.’ I said softly. ‘I’m one of the humans.’
The lightning had started right above me and it didn’t seem to move anywhere. Usually it drifted over my area and that was it. This time it felt like it had a purpose to stay here.
‘I’d like to comfort you if you’d like someone to vent your frustration to. Even in your anger you are beautiful.’
I took a sip from my beer. ‘Then again, maybe I’m not the right person for you, having an environmentally bad car.’ I said, stroking the side of my youngtimer car. ‘But this friendly monster makes me feel good. And I try to only use what I really need.’
The lightning show continued and I looked left and right at the lonely road. During one flash I saw a figure standing on it in the distance.
I wasn’t sure what I saw, but a second flash confirmed it. A figure stood in the middle of the road.
I kept my eye on it. With every flash it moved closer towards me.
I felt a drop of water on me.
There was no change in thunder but rain drops fell down around me.
I looked down the road again, seeing the figure a little closer now.
‘Hang on.’ I said.
I walked back inside, finishing off my beer, taking a couple of peppermints, then went back outside to the road.
The first flash showed her at the same spot.
I held out my hand. ‘I’m here if you need me.’
With every flash she came closer and rain came down harder.
My heart ran overtime while the figure came closer.
I had a little difficulty watching the figure with the rain covering my glasses and face but slowly I saw a woman coming towards me, skin the colour of desert sand, hair the colour of snow, eyes blue as a tropical ocean. Her green and brown dress looked like it flowed down her curves.
‘If you are who I think you might be, then you really are as beautiful as they say.’
She came closer until she stood only an arm’s length away from me.
I saw the anger, resentment, fear, and confusement in her eyes.
‘I’m sorry.’ I said. ‘We’re a stupid species and I wish we wouldn’t hurt you so much, but some of us do love you.’
She moved closer to me.
‘If you want to, I’m here to receive your anger.’ I said, looking deep into her eyes. ‘Just give humanity a chance to grow up.’
I didn’t care if I lived an alcoholic illusion or not, I felt something needed someone to care for it.
She looked at me, then embraced me, a little to my surprise.
She felt warm, firm but soft enough, her smell slightly sweeter than a forest’s air and I wished I’d never ever had to let her go.

When I woke up I could only remember her smell and touch and the intense desire to be be with her as I looked at the pillow next to mine.
I heated up the water for tea and went outside into my back yard, looking up at the morning sun in a clear sky.
‘I hope I made you feel better. And that you will return even if you don’t need comfort.’ I said, then went back inside, preparing to go to work.


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