Tracked motorcycle

I was jotting down another idea for a story when I figured I needed a special bike for off-road use. Thinking of possibilities I wanted to do something based on tracks and started doodling. Then I did a search because someone must have thought of it before.
And people had thought of it before and built tracked motorcycles.

Unfortunately there was only one concept that came close to what I had in mind; the Hyanide and Baal from Tilmann Schlootz and Oliver Keller from 2006, which seems to have never been more than a concept.
I didn’t like the way it looks like a real track with the extra wheel at the front though, so I worked further on the same idea of needing a segmented track that could bend.

Tracked motorcycle concept

A combustion engine would take up too much space for the off-road version, but it would be an option for a street version since it needs less ground clearance. Thus, for this both rims are part of the electric motor propelling the bike. It might even be an option on the smaller guiding rims for extra pulling power.
Front and back fork have a fortyfive degree trail and the back fork turns fifty percent of the front wheel to make it more manouverable.
Suspension is single spring on the main forks and a smaller single spring between main and guiding wheel forks. The latter ones can swivel to give the track a smooth bend when turning.
For a fast road version I’d have to think of another suspension to absorb high speed shocks at the front, but this’ll do for lower off-road speeds.

When in use it would be loaded with travel cases, with at least one for the battery and optionally one case containing a small turbine engine to charge the battery when the bike’s body panels can’t produce enough solar power (these are of course highly efficient in the future).
Maybe a self regenerating hydrogen fuel cell?


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