No artificial love

‘Don’t you ever think humanity will come to an end?’
He kissed the top of her head and inhaled the scent of her hair while thinking it over.
‘I doubt it.’
She snuggled up tighter against his chest, tracing the muscles in his upper arm with her fingertips.
‘But there used to be eight billion people on the planet. Now only millions.’
‘True. But you know that was way too much to keep the planet healthy for us, and other species. This is much better.’
He moved his fingers slowly through her hair.
‘I read there are less and less women who want to have kids.’ she said, enjoying his touch.
‘The article on Central News? The discussion made it clear that it’s not so much having kids, then going through the whole pregnancy and labour with the associated troubles. The artificial incubation is getting more popular every year.’
She moved up on his chest. ‘Then why the new donation law for men?’
‘Ah. That’s because with the creation of fully functional artificial companions, every man and woman was able to have someone by their side without the trouble of courting and rejection of a real human. And even the desired men and women could have the perfect companion, so they didn’t bother much either. And that means much less diversity in DNA between the ones who prefer the natural way. If we let things be there would be hardly any male DNA available for use in artificial birth, and that would reduce humanity to maybe a few thousands. Women who want kids provide their own eggs anyway.’
‘So, artificial companions are actually bad?’
He chuckled, then moved his hands gently down her back. ‘There were people who protested their existence, saying it was the devil’s work, promoted prostitution and abuse, make people insensitive and other reasons threatening mostly their own little worlds, while in effect it made both men and women much happier and social.’
‘I’d think men would prefer real women eventually.’ she said, straightening a stray hair in his eyebrow and stroking his forehead.
‘Most men only need someone sweet and loving by their side, real or artificial doesn’t matter.’ he said and kissed the tip of her nose, making her smile. ‘So don’t worry about being replaced. I’ve loved you since the day you were created for me.’


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