Night life -end-

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‘News this morning is focused on the exposition of government communications by an outside party.’ the radio said. ‘They have revealed that all communication through popular social sites is being monitored by government agencies and used to supress any dissident towards them. News agencies are currently under fire from independent sources for collaborating with the ruling parties while the justice department and civil rights groups try to get a hold of who did what. A further news source said the recent fatal car incident which set several cars ablaze and involved one department official and two possible suspects might be related to this.’
Ahmin sighed and looked at the clock. ‘This early and it’s already depressing.’ he said to himself as he checked the GPS connection for a tractor of one of the farmers of the town he moved to.

Terri stepped into the cabin after a long walk from the road. She looked at the dust covered place, then opened the windows and the door to the glass house in the back.
She looked at a couple of old pictures on a small table next to the door, saw one of Milo as a kid and took it to take a closer look.
‘Milo.’ she said as she held it tight and cried.


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