Cut off

‘Can you hear me?’

‘No, don’t doubt yourself. I am indeed talking to you.’

‘Yes, it’s weird, but please hear me out. It’s important.’

‘I am talking to you from the past. I know, I know. There’s no such thing as time travel. No matter how advanced technology gets, I doubt that dream will ever come through. I am talking to you because my voice has been preserved for all this time.’

‘Well, maybe all this time is exaggerated. I have no way of knowing how much time has passed since I recorded this message for future use as a warning. Maybe just an hour, maybe eons. I have no idea how long their technology keeps working over time. I just hope it’s long enough to convey the warning they gave us and prepare you in advance for what’s to come. I do hope the world’s advanced beyond our own petty wars, discrimination, and greed to stand united in defending humanity.’

‘Not long ago I got the original warning because I was openminded enough to listen and look at the information they relayed logically. I had to throw up a couple of times going through it. And I’ve seen some horrible things in my time. It took some time to find evidence and confirm what they told me. I even had some of my friends in the scientific community confirm it off the record. I hope you’re openminded and will accept the information included in this message. I really hope it’s false, or no longer needed by the time you get this, but I’m afraid you’ll need it.’

‘Luckily they also included instructions on how I could build the equipment to relay this warning for the future. Before..’

‘Anyway, what’s important right now is that I need to tell you about


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One Response to Cut off

  1. scifurz says:

    An idea while re-reading the part about telepathy in Stephen King’s On Writing. Recommended reading for writers.

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