My heart might have stopped beating. I can’t tell. I’ve lost all feelings except for the tingle in my hands and feet.
I don’t even feel the air rushing past me.

I visited the Cathedral Dona Maria No Céu. Built on the side of our southern mountains it’s the tallest cathedral ever built at the highest altitude. One of the most amazing views on the planet.
I was crossing the smaller top bridge between the towers when the fear gripped me from inside and dropped me flat on the stone.

I barely dared to look up from the stone.
The stone railing prevented me from seeing anything but the blue sky and the end of the bridge. No people.
With racing heart I crawled flat on my stomach towards the end. Invisible pressure prevented me from getting up on my hands and knees.
I kept crawling until I reached the platform at the tower. I had hoped to feel safe again, but then saw the section without any railing and the far off view of the ground.

The inside of my chest heated up. I could hardly breath.
I couldn’t avert my gaze from the wide open space beyond the edge. The distant sky and ground called. The itch in my hands and feet grew. Cold sweat chilled my body.

I’m frozen stiff. I can’t even think of anything while I watch the ground from high up getting closer. Only the echo of my last thought; Fly!


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