*start of an idea I had a while ago for which I also needed the special off-road bike.

He looked at the clock, thinking it was time to go home. He put away his tools, cleaning them quickly with a rag, then hung up his coat on the way to the bathroom where he freshened up.
It rained again but he was glad it wasn’t pouring down. After making sure he hadn’t forgotten to close the window and take everything he needed he rolled out his motorcycle, turned on the security system and locked the place. He waited for a moment until the security system was armed, turned the ignition and made his motorcycle come to life with a low growl.
At this time the industrial site was abandoned except for the few warehouses running night shifts. He liked this because then he could accelerate on the empty roads, enjoying the pull of the mechanical beast between his legs.
Despite not looking like a racing bike his chopper could run with the best of them thanks to the enormous torque he had bred out of the engine. If he didn’t have a saddle with a back he’d be left behind when opening up the throttle.
He just turned a corner and started to accelerate when a black figure ran into his side and got thrown aside on the road. He manged to keep his bike straight, braked and turned around to see what happened.
The figure got up with difficulty and limped to the side of the road.
He took off his helmet and drove up to it. It fell down and looked back up at him.
‘What are you?’ he asked, never seen someone resembling a soaked black dog before.
‘Please, help me.’
‘I’ll call an ambulance.’ he said, pulling out his phone.
‘No.’ it said, coughing. ‘No other people. Just need to get away from here.’
‘But you’re hurt.’
It shook its head when he heard voices far away.
‘Please. Need to get away.’
He saw the fear in its eyes and tucked away his phone. ‘They’re after you?’ he asked, seeing a couple of flashlights searching the sides of the narrow street it had run from.
‘Yes.’ it said and put a trembling paw on his arm. ‘Please?’
He knew he couldn’t leave it up to its fate. ‘Fine.’ he said and put his shoulder under its arm to help it up. ‘You can sit sideways in front of me. No other seat available.’
‘Thank you.’ it said and he managed to pull it in front of him as he sat back on his bike.
‘Hang on.’ he said and drove off slowly into an alley to mask the noise of the bike and avoid anyone driving the streets looking for this creature.
When he reached the edge of the industrial area and stopped he noticed it had fallen asleep. ‘I guess I’ll just take you home with me then.’ he said and drove on, taking a detour to use the quiet streets.
When he arrived at his house he drove to the back where he parked his bike in the open shed. The creature was still asleep but didn’t feel too heavy, so he carried it in his arms, lying it down on the couch in the livingroom.
‘Let’s get you dry first.’ he said, walked upstairs to the bedroom and changed into dry clothes before taking a couple of towels back down and carefully wiped the creatures face.
It woke up suddenly and sat up quickly, pulling away from him. ‘Where am I!?’
‘At my place.’ he said. ‘You ran into me on the street, remember?’
It looked at him, then relaxed a little. ‘I remember.’
He handed it the towels. ‘Here, get yourself dried up.’
It took the towels and dried its face. ‘Thank you.’ it said, continuing to dry the rest of its body.
He sat back, getting a better look at it in the light of his room. It definitely had something of a canine look with droopy ears.
‘What are you?’ he asked, doubting it was an elaborate costume.
It looked at him and sagged its shoulders. ‘I don’t know.’
‘You don’t?’
It shook its head slowly. ‘They never told me.’
‘The people chasing me. They made me do all sorts of things, called it experimentation to find my abilities.’
‘They never explained who or what you are?’
‘No.’ it said, folding the towel on its lap. ‘I asked, but they said they couldn’t tell me yet. I had to do more tests first.’
‘Do you have a name?’
‘They call me Doris.’
‘Doris? You’re a girl?’
‘I guess so. They told me I was a good girl when I did good on a test.’
Now that he knew he noticed the slight humps on her chest. He wondered if they really were breasts.
‘Ehmm.’ she said and he looked up, realising he had been staring at her, making her nervous.
‘Sorry.’ he said and looked away. ‘It’s just so unreal.’
‘I’m sorry you had to take care of me. I didn’t know what to do.’
‘Oh no, that’s okay. I just need some time to get used to this situation.’
He stood up. ‘Call me Carlov.’
She looked up at him and he saw a little smile.
‘How about something to eat? Time for dinner.’
‘If it’s okay?’
‘I wouldn’t offer if it wasn’t. Can you eat regular food? Meat, vegetables, pasta, things like that?’
She nodded. ‘They gave me all sorts of food to see if I could eat it.’
‘Good, I’m in the mood for ground beef and macaroni with mushrooms and dried tomatoes.’ he said and went into the kitchen.
She heard him cooking and looked around at the room decorated with pictures and models of motorcycles and cars. He posed next to some and in some he was working on them. It was so different from the bare white walls in her own room and the rooms where she took the tests. She had seen pictures of other places, but never experienced them.
Using another towel she dried her legs, glad her left leg wasn’t broken but knew it would hurt for a while.
Carlov returned with two plates, gave her one and sat down next to her.
‘How’s your leg?’ he asked.
‘It hurts, but no real damage.’
‘I figured it wasn’t broken since you weren’t that much in pain. I hope you’ll feel better after a good meal and a night’s rest. Bon appetite.’
‘Thank you.’ she said. ‘But what’s bonappeteet?’
He laughed for a moment. ‘Sorry. “Bon appetite” is french. I grew up at a home where we always said that before eating.’
‘Ah.’ she said, thought it over and tried again. ‘Bon appetite.’
‘Perfect.’ he said and started eating.
She sniffed and started on her plate.
After finishing it he took her plate. ‘Want more?’
She smiled. ‘Thank you, but I had enough for now.’
‘Yes. It was delicious.’
He put away the dishes and returned with water and beer. ‘I don’t have anything else at the moment, sorry.’
‘I’m happy for just this.’ she said and looked at the large bottle of beer. ‘What’s this?’
‘Ah, you haven’t seen it yet.’ he said and uncorked it to pour some into a glass. ‘It’s a specialty beer, one of my favorites.’ He handed her the glass. ‘It’s an aquired taste, though it’s not as bitter as some beers.’
She smelled it. ‘Wow, strong.’
‘Yeah, if you don’t like it say so.’
She shook her head and took a quick lick. ‘Wha.’ she said, scrunching up her face.
He had to laugh.
‘Sorry, it was such a cute reaction.’
She looked away. ‘So mean..’
‘Sorry, sorry.’ he said and held out his hand. ‘Shall I take it back?’
She shook her head. ‘I want to experience something I never got before.’
He smiled. ‘Okay, just drink it slowly. It’s pretty strong stuff.’
He poured himself a glass, glad to get a drink, then sunk back into the couch. ‘What a strange evening.’
He drank his beer, then felt her leaning against him. She had fallen asleep, so he laid her down gently to sleep on the couch. He draped the blanket he kept next to the couch over her, then turned off the lights and went to bed.

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