Family traits

It didn’t matter how hard the wind blew outside. Several layers protected him from deep freeze in his underground home. All he needed to do was to wear warm clothing and keep under two layers of blankets while he slept. Only the moments before and after a shower felt somewhat cold.

He had volunteered for the mission to man an outpost on Europa. After being the man breaking the record for staying the longest at Antarctica station he heard about the space agency’s search for people to man their automated factory on Jupiter’s moon.
The factory mined minerals and launched them towards Earth for processing at the moon and orbital stations. He just needed to take care of unexpected problems.

Ever since he was born he had trouble with warm weather. Constantly sweating, unable to sleep at night without a fan blowing across his naked body. During winter he was the only one at school walking around in a t-shirt.
As soon as he heard about the work done on the north and south poles he took meterological and geological classes, just to be able to apply for a job there. It wasn’t his favorite subject, but he felt he had no choice.

His scheduled routine of checking the output of the factory and the numbers from every sensor at the building and the vehicles was finished and he sat down in the comfortable chair with his tablet, crawling under a blanket. He loved to keep the temperature low enough to be able to feel the pleasure of getting warm while being tucked in and read.

He looked up through the layers of glass at the edge of Jupiter and the stars. It reminded him of the last late evening he spent with his father.
They had sat on the porch of his home in Iceland, looking at the clear sky and the stars above.
‘You’re a lot like your mother.’ his father had said. ‘She was the most loving creature I have ever known, but she was truely cold.’
He hadn’t asked more about her, seeing the love and sadness in his father’s eyes.

He smiled softly, thinking he might have finally understood why he felt he had come home on this planet.


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