New beginning

Things that are going to happen;

-as of the end of this year I’m selling my stake in the company
-I’m going to follow my own circadian rhythm, which points to several hours of sleep at the start of night, then the second sleep in the morning
-I’m going to live a less chaotic life, no longer run by the whims of other people
-I’m going to spend more time on writing and drawing with the goal of earning enough of a living
-I’m going to live my life, even if I don’t make a dime

I’m very good at what I do now, but the years of stress of unreasonable people bugging me to solve their problems has taken its toll. From now on I will do things on my own terms, and not have my hands tied by shoddy products and practices.


About scifurz

Science fiction, fantasy, furry, horror stories, drawings and ideas, tech ramblings
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