Imagination going wild

There must be something wrong with me, in the last week I’ve dreamed about a male pigeon getting atttention form a female bird of prey, and not in the eating as food kind of way.
Then the man who thought he dreamed it wakes up to see a pigeon wrapping his wing around a bird of prey outside.

Then the idea of a human male getting captured by a female fox warrior to be a slave. He then sees the fox warriors fuck hard after every fight with their enemies to relieve their physical tension. When she teases him and finds out his gentle way with a woman she needs his gentleness more and more after every battle.

And then there’s the student going to live next to neighbours who hide a genetic experiment in their home.
When he finds her, half dog, half human, her parents beg him to keep her a secret. She and him grow close, and one day they have to confess they love each other.

I wonder if there’s something like having multiple fantasies, just like multiple pesonalities.


About scifurz

Science fiction, fantasy, furry, horror stories, drawings and ideas, tech ramblings
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