I fell for her the moment my master brought her home.

Her legs, curved so deliciously perfect in light brown colour and slender, her back so soft, I had never stood so straight ever before.
Master had brought others into the house before, but despite them being quite dull or lacking graceful features, I never wanted to see the fate that befell them at master’s hands each time.

You see, master had a problem with drinking. It’s not that he intended to break them, he wasn’t consciously a bad man, but ever since she had left him he wasn’t the same anymore. She, his ex-wife who he had been married to for six years, left him scarred when she cheated on him. He couldn’t handle it and started drinking a lot to feel better.
It didn’t take long before he lashed out in a violent drunken stupor and took it out on the first one, throwing her across the room into the wall. He did cry for what he had done, but the damage was done, I’d never see her again after he took her out the door.
He didn’t mend his ways though, he kept drinking, getting fatter and while the next one lasted longer, he treated her rough, going down on her with his full weight until one day, it became too much and she too broke down.

A few more came and went until the day he brought her in. It seemed he came upon her by luck, having been discarded by her previous master that day. She looked so fragile, I was instantly aroused and afraid for her.
I could see the suffering on the hands of my master in her future, but I could only stand here and watch my master go down on her with his fat ass and hear the moaning as she tried to handle his weight.
I cried inside as I saw him entangle his hairy legs with her smooth curved ones, but the desire to be able to do the same kept me aroused through her ordeal.

I had the hope he would treat her better because he tried to cut back on drinking and seemed to like her looks and tried to treat her more carefully than the others, but one evening something had happened to make him open the bottle of cheap liquor the second he walked in.
I had been looking at her all day, it being a sunny day and the warm rays of the sun caressing those lovely curvy legs and back as they penetrated the window blinds. I could stand here and watch her beauty forever when the dream was torn apart by his cursing. He tossed his coat at my feet and went for the bottle left on the table the night before. He didn’t even bother to get a clean glass and used the one right in front of him.
He grumbled the name of his ex, gulping down the contents of his glass and filling it up right away. His pants and shirt went the way of the corner and he paid her no heed as he got down on her, the sudden moan sending chills down myself. He emptied his glass again, tossing and turning on her and I could see her beautiful legs buckle under his weight at any minute.
I tried to ignore what happened, but I couldn’t prevent standing straighter from her sounds. It kept the clear image of her curves and my weakness at the front of my mind and I never felt so ashamed as in that moment. I had to keep watching what he did to her as I stood there, unable to move.
He suddenly stood up, threw another glass down his throat, cursed his ex and tossed her violently on the floor, giving her a hard kick against her back and one of her legs. The cracking sound was something I’d never forget.
He watched her lying on the floor, knelt down to look at what he had done and sighed deeply. ‘Damned..’ he grumbled. ‘Not again..’
He got up, grabbed his pants and shirt, dressed himself and picked her up from the floor, carrying her broken body to me.
‘I really need to buy stronger chairs.’ he said, taking his casual coat from one of my hooks. ‘Like this coat stand.’


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