Life’s too short, don’t make a fuss

As you’ve probably heard, the Bhutan people are the happiest nation because they think about death five times a day.
Maybe a bit much, but it shows that most people are taking things too seriously.

Life is too short to fuss over getting a lot of money, buying the latest car or phone because someone else got a new one, getting a bigger house because we need to show off how good we have it.
It only makes you impatient and nag to other people when something’s not working, thereby only spreading negativity.

I’ve had years of negativity poured over me and the toll is large. Now I try to reverse the loss of energy and frankly, a will to continue, by building a new state of mind.
Not so much by thinking about death itself, but by telling myself not to make a fuss of things and worry myself needlessly and take things one at a time.
What happens will happen and anything new will have to wait in line.


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