Fad diets are useless and lie to you

In all these years and having read countless of articles and discussions on diets and how fantastic they work and how others are unhealthy, one thing was obvious, they only exist to make money for the ones who came up with them.

Fat was bad for you, then fat was good, pasta and bread is bad now while it has always been good before, low carbs, high carbs, dairy is good, dairy is bad, etcetera, etcetera.

The food circle/pyramid has also been changed often, not only because of industrial lobbying, but because no one could exactly prove what is the best meal.

No study can prove that one diet is much better than the other by cutting specific foods. The only thing that has a proven effect is cutting the amount of food consumed.

It seems that dieting even promotes weight gain becuase of the stress to lose weight and the increased chance of binge eating when feeling depressed or plain bad about the diet. Why you can’t lose weight on a diet

With that in mind and the reduced hours of dealing with stress in a day I set one rule for myself at the start of the year; only eat when I’m really hungry, and not just because I feel peckish or it’s supposedly time to eat.
Nothing else has changed. I still drink mostly water (always have done), I still eat what I want (no denying things because the diet forbids them), and whenever I want (who cares about skipping breakfast or eating late in the evening, no study has proven it’s bad for you).

The result a little over half a year later: went from 110kg to hitting 97kg this weekend, the belt could be pulled a little under 6 cm tighter.

All this, just because I made sure I was actually hungry before getting something to eat.
The advantage is also that because the stomach gets more rest it inflates less (think of why weight loss surgery works, at least at the start), I’m getting the full feeling quicker and reduce portions automatically.

Imagine what one simple change in eating habits would do in combination with serious exercise (I do like to swing a kettlebell and lift a dumbell in-between, but still don’t spend a lot of time on it), or even consciously reducing calorie intake by a little (counting takes all the fun out of eating anyway).

One rule, eat only when you’re really hungry.

That’s all it takes.

Okay, maybe a little patience because it’s not a miracle fad diet that reduces your weight by making your wallet a lot lighter.

*update 27/07/2016, hit 96kg on the scale, right on schedule, 2kgs a month.
Now that’s easy and simple weightloss that really works.

*update 04/08/2016, my girl hit 99 from being 103 in just over 1 month by doing the same simple things as I did.

*update 12/08/2016, I’ve been up to around 97 for the last week, but I could shorten my belt with another centimetre. I’ve lost 7 centimetre waistline in total now since start of the year.

*update 08/10/2016, I reached 96 kg for a short while before going up to 98-99 kg now. My belt is still 7 cm shorter so this is the effect of the little bit of weightlifting I do.


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