Early morning pictures for Kittypet

Didn’t feel like going home while I was driving at night from dinner at the other side of the country. So I went to the west coast to see if I could take some pictures of the sea. My Kittypet loves water and sea so much.

A selection, first ended up here, something called the VoorDelta;


With a big warning sign about police having an account on Whatsapp. Better stay away from there;


Too bad the camera’s no good at night pictures;


But I saw they were doing construction at the beach and didn’t feel like waiting until sunrise to see that, so I continued on my way to another further western spot and found a place right next to the sea to park and take some shots.

The first light coming over the horizon;


The sun just completely over the horizon;


A little view of the sea;



And the lighthouse over there;


It was nice and quiet but I needed to drive home again and catch up on my sleep, glad my Kittypet loved her pictures.


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