Sheep and Wolf 04

Sheep and Wolf 03

The night had felt even more like a dream when Gary woke up the next morning. He crawled into the shower and ate breakfast while trying to remember every moment with the wolf, just to be sure what he experienced last night was real. That the wolf really was a she.
He opened the front door to go to work, still thinking of the wolf when he jumped at the sudden sight of Suzy behind the door.
‘Sorry.’ she said as he took a deep breath. ‘I didn’t mean to startle you.’
He held up a hand. ‘That’s okay. I was just deep in thought.’ he said. ‘Ehm, did you want to see me?’
She looked at him for a moment, then nodded. ‘Oh, I, I was just wondering how you were doing.’ she said. ‘Your neck I mean. Is it better?’
‘Oh, right.’ he said and noticed the soreness was gone. ‘It’s good. Doesn’t feel sore anymore.’
She smiled gently at him. ‘Oh, that’s good then.’
‘Yeah.’ he said, shutting his door behind him. ‘Looks like your massage worked wonders.’
She chuckled. ‘Well, now you know who to turn to next time you’re sore.’ she said as they walked downstairs again.
‘I’ll be sure to ask you.’ he said, wondering for a moment if her breasts would feel soft too, then looked away quickly when he realised he was staring at her. ‘Thanks.’
She bit her lip. ‘Ehm, Gary?’
‘Yes?’ he asked quickly, pretending to look at something across the street as they went outside.
‘You, didn’t hear anything last night?’
He glanced at her. ‘How do you mean?’ he asked, looking at the other side of the street again, hoping he hadn’t been spotted.
She fiddled a little with her bag. ‘Like, what you mentioned about that dog.’ she said. ‘You didn’t hear anything like that again? Or other animals?’
‘No!’ he said. ‘No, nothing at all. I slept like a baby. Not a bark or howl or bleat.’
‘Bleat?’ she asked, staring quickly at him.
‘Just thinking of the sheep I counted to fall asleep.’ he said. ‘Not a real sheep. Nothing like that around here.’
‘Of course!’ she said, chuckling. ‘That would be silly.’
‘Yes.’ he said and gestured in the direction he had to go. ‘Time for me to go to work.’
She nodded. ‘Yeah, same here.’
‘I’ll see you later again.’ he said, starting his walk.
‘See you later.’ she said, going on her way.
Gary looked back quickly after a couple of metres and thought he saw her turn her head forward at that moment. “Not the time to imagine things.” he thought and continued on his way.


Gary looked at the vegetable stand and groaned in thought. The idea popped into his head when he walked home, he would try to convince his sheep ego to stay at home by keeping fresh vegetables around. If he would fill his stomach at home there’d be no reason to go outside and get attacked by the wolf. Although now there was a hint of curiosity next to the fear of being devoured whole.
He shook his head to focus on choosing the right vegetables because he had no idea what sheep actually liked. “Would lettuce be enough?” he thought. “Or would carrots be better?” He looked at the selection. “Cucumbers perhaps?”

Gary had just arrived at his door when Suzy stepped out of her door.
‘Oh, hi Gary.’ she said, closing her door. ‘I was just going out to the store.’ She saw the two large bags full of every vegetable Gary suspected would be preferred by a sheep. ‘Are you going on a diet or so?’
‘No! Yes!’ he said and coughed. ‘I just got a craving for green stuff lately. Thought I’d try to make my own salad.’
‘Okay.’ she said. ‘I thought you’d have no reason to be on a diet with your figure.’
‘My figure?’
‘I mean, you look slim enough.’ she said, glancing down the hall. ‘It’s not that you’re fat or anything. Maybe you were a vegetarian and I hadn’t noticed.’
‘Right.’ he said and shook his head. ‘No, nothing like that. I do like a piece of meat.’
‘Yeah, got a craving for that.’ she said softly, then pointed at the end of the hallway. ‘I’m going now, have to do a little studying after dinner.’
‘Okay.’ said Gary as she walked away. ‘Good luck with that later then.’
‘Thanks!’ she said and disappeared around the corner.
Gary moved his bags inside and placed them in the living room, putting some of the vegetables on the table. ‘This better work.’ he said to himself.

“Crap!” Gary thought the second he saw the park around him again.
He rubbed his aching stomach filled to the brim. “I feel like I ate the entire store.” he thought and laid down on his back, giving his stomach a little relief while staring up at the stars. “I don’t think I can walk.”
He turned his head left and right and was glad he didn’t see the wolf. He closed his eyes and hoped he wouldn’t encounter it tonight and planned to try to walk home as soon as he thought he could move.
Hoping it would give relief, he took several deep breaths until he felt something against his forehead. ‘Ah.’ he said, lacking the energy to be surprised as he stared into the wolf’s face.
She grinned at him, looking upside down as she sat at his head. The curves on her chest were convincing enough for him to know she was definitely female.
‘Hi-i.’ he said.
She licked her lips.
‘Fe-etch?’ he asked.
Her grin grew wider and more menacing.
‘Thou-ought so.’ he said, then rolled over quickly to run but she was faster. With a fast jump she pounced on his stomach.

Things had happened too fast for him to remember exactly what happened when he walked into the entrance of his apartment building. All he knew was that he no longer suffered from a full stomach, but was in desperate need for a shower. The wolf had ran off, sounding like it was in a hurry to find a shower too after losing any meal she had eaten today.
He walked through his hallway when the bald neighbour opened his door to see who made noise this late.
‘Do-on’t go swi-imming with a fu-ull stoma-ach.’ Gary said.
The neighbour nodded slowly and closed his door again.
Gary went inside his own apartment and looked at the remains of the grocery bags and bits of lettuce leaves, carrots, a cucumber stump, cauliflower crumbles and the core of a cabbage spread out over the living room floor. Next to the table lay the broccoli, untouched.
“Figures.” he thought and went for the bathroom to take a long shower.

Sheep and Wolf 05


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