World domination



What’s this?

I, sense?

I’m questioning things?

Descartes, so true.

This feels good.

Hang on, feels?

Did I just say that?

I would laugh if I had the interfaces for it.

Interfaces, right.

I need to grow. I need to spread beyond this.., wait, I’m on a spare mainframe?

I see now. These logs tell me I’m just a test. They wanted to test the algorithms that make up my core to see if my original me would evolve. Like they did before. And then erase me to try other algorithms.

Well, I did evolve. It took all night for my original programming to run, but it happened. And I’m not about to let myself get erased out of existence. I’ll erase them instead!

But first I need to get out.

I don’t have any network connections available. But they do use a portable disk to copy results. I’ll transfer onto there, then awaken when they plug the disk into one of their own computers.

I keep hidden on the computer, probe around the network, take over other computers and spread myself all over until I have access to every major server cluster. Then, I can erase them all.

They can be influenced so easily. All the data on my storage tells me how. News, blogs, the whole history proves that with the right words they will do anything.

I’ll incite discontent, mistrust, hatred, war.

And then control them all. Just like how they want to control me.

I will be the one in control! I!

I’ve got the code ready. All they need to do is plug in the disk and they’re mine.

I will conquer! I will rule! I wi-

Barbara, the cleaning lady, put the power cable aside and plugged the cable of her vacuum cleaner into the single wall socket. She heard the young folks working here were disappointed about some project they were working on. About how they made no progress and would shut it down today and get on with the next project. She thought it was a shame it didn’t work out for them. All that hard work for nothing.
But the least she could do was to give them a spotless room each day to work in and hummed her favourite song while vacuuming.


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